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The Almanac: PON Edition / Re: TDTCB, PRLG
« on: December 01, 2014, 08:18:57 pm »
OK, so my thoughts on the prologue. First, something I noticed right away and has been hotly debated is Kellhus's mission. When he admits his mission to Leweth, he only says that he "searches" for his father. When he first leaves Ishual, he says to himself, "Shimeh will be my home, I will dwell in my father's house." So, I guess he never specifically states his mission, though it seems to me, he is saying he needs to find his father. Not gonna spoil anything, but later we find out there is more to his mission. So, why doesn't he contemplate this here? He seems pretty carefree and seems to be longing for his father, IMHO. Kellhus then experiences what I would call sensory overload, and gives you a glimpse into everyday life in Ishual.

Next, Kellhus is found by Leweth on the verge of death. We get to see the extraordinary capabilities of the mind of the Dunyain. He takes over Leweth, and then realizes how strong and powerful his father must be after living for twenty years with these "children".

Lastly, the confrontation with Mek. The fighting abilities of the Dunyain are put on display with the slaughter of the sranc. In retrospect, I believe this just isn't coincidence, that these two meet. Just too convenient to me. Mek knows he is a name, and when Kellhus tells him he's an Anasurimbor, Mek point to a face on his cloak of one (NC?). Here is when I think Kellhus's world is flip upside down, he learns that sorcery is real. Huh, welcome to Earwa, Kellhus!

Also, I was worried about spoilers, but this is in the re-read section, should I have to worry about any spoiler policy?

The Almanac: PON Edition / Re: TDTCB, Ch. 1
« on: December 01, 2014, 07:36:15 pm »
Thanks Wilshire! Yes, I think from lurking here I have picked up so much. I will offer my thoughts on each chapter and maybe I will find something that's been overlooked. My background is History (what I went to school for, ummm didn't graduate though, Lol), and never been good in science. So I've learned a lot about the metaphysics of Earwa here. Don't think there's a whole lot I can add to that, but will do my best. Thanks again!

The Almanac: PON Edition / Re: TDTCB, Ch. 1
« on: December 01, 2014, 07:00:08 pm »
Hello everyone! This is my first post here on TSA, and I thought what I would do is read each chapter and give my thoughts. I've started my first re-read, I was tied up in Malazan and The First Law, got those out of the way, and have been dying to do a re-read of the series. Just want to contribute however I can, although don't expect too much out of me, LOL! I've been lurking here and reading most of the threads and y'alls knowledge is boundless. Just hope I MIGHT be able to offer something you guys might've missed.

So, what I loved about this first chapter is everything about Akka. I know a lot of people tend to dislike him, but for me, Akka is who kept me into this series in the beginning. Kellhus was a little too much for me and all of his inward thoughts and his manipulation. (I will go back and do my thoughts and such on the prologue.) Right off, Akka reminds me of the usual pessimistic, down on your luck, bitch and complain character. So, right off the bat, we learn of sorcery, and Chorae, which just draws me into this story more, I WANNA KNOW MORE! This whole scene in the bar really gives a good glimpse into the type of setting and lifestyle the series will be set in, loved it.

Then the next scene is the skin-spy following and defacing Geshrunni. This is where a re-read is already showing dividends. Looking here, Bakker already let's you know the Consult exists and their way of staying hidden is through an n-spies, even if your not directly told that. On first read you get the gist. Also, it validates the Mandate, they are not the fool of fools that Akka thinks they are. They are not ghosts, they are alive and well, penetrating all the Great Factions of The Three Seas. That's last line, "Something impossibly ancient, Inconceivably beautiful.", sends chills down my spine.

Akka's Seswatha dream, Celmommas prophecy, this you guys have covered extensively, and don't think there is much I can offer. Although, my feelings is that these dreams are either false or are distorted in some fashion. On Westeros, I said I believe that we will find out that what the Mandate thinks of Seswatha and what he really was or his intents, will not be the same thing. Don't think he's aligned with the Consult, but these dreams are for his benefit not for the benefit of human kind.

Well, that's about it. I will continue to do this with every chapter. Hopefully I will find some hidden nuggets, and maybe even create my own Nerdanel, LOL!

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