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And with this post I complete one and begin another of my many dreams.

This is the consolidated monstrosity of most of the relevant content discussions of R. Scott Bakker's The Second Apocalypse on George R.R. Martin's Westeros Literature subforum over the past decade.

My thought for this thread is that we might come together as a greater fandom of two forums and suss out the wisdom of the Westerosi Bakker noosphere a la A Song of Ice and Fire's The Heretic's Guide to Heresy.

I will slowly begin to go through the below threads to see if I can find the general themes, arcs, etc, of our collective descent into delusion. I will perpetually update this thread as I can and as others (hopefully) participate in my mad endeavour.

It is my hope that following or during the completion of this damned journey, I might find volunteers to aid me in writing a version of HERESY 100 for The Second Apocalypse.

Also, I will be removing/adding threads from this list as I figure out which ones are not speculation on content specifically. I know I missed a few in my endless search. As well, for instance, the Neuroscience, Humanity & Some Occasional Bakker as well as the Bakker and Women threads are debatable inclusions as are any review, preview, or recommendation threads.


Updated as of Aug 22, 2017:

(click to show/hide)Feb 05 2006: Thousandfold Thought spoiler thread

- The fate of Moenghus and Cnaiur. Kellhus' judgment of Moenghus (and the Dunyain by extension). Cnaiur's rape of Conphas. Whether Kellhus is "mad."

Sep 12 2007: BAKKER VI: Death comes swirling down
Jan 11 2008: Why no constant Bakker thread?
Feb 13 2008: BAKKER IX: Warrior-Prophet reread
Apr 15 2008: The Darkness that Comes Before
Jan 09 2009: The Judging Eye by Scott Bakker
Jan 24 2009: Bakker VII: fens, bogs, dens and shades of death
Feb 04 2009: Bakker and Women

- Problems of historicity, portrayal, and execution (as contrasted with authorial intent, ignoring narrative context). Gender reduced to sexuality and objects leveraging control. Esmenet, women, and personal agency. Tokenism, quota characterizations, and privilege. Problematization and endorsement. ... to be continued notation.

Feb 12 2009: Bakker and Women II
Feb 17 2009: Bakker and Women 3 (merged topic)
Feb 20 2009: Bakker and Women 4
Mar 18 2009: The Judging Eye II (spoilers)
Apr 04 2009: Prince of Nothing
May 23 2009: Judging Eye III
Aug 05 2009: The Judging Eye IV
Nov 24 2009: The Judging Eye V
Feb 26 2010: The Judging Eye VI
Apr 17 2010: The Judging Eye VII
Jun 12 2010: White-Luck Warrior
Sep 05 2010: Bakker XI: Spoilers for PoN and TJE
Oct 05 2010: Bakker XII: Spoilers for PON, TJE, and WLW
Dec 10 2010: Bakker XIII: Spoilers for PON, TJE, and Neuropath/Disciple
Feb 01 2011: The Judging Eye VIII (spoilers)
Feb 18 2011: Judging Eye IX (spoilers)
Feb 28 2011: Judging Eye X (Re-read)
Mar 02 2011: The Judging Eye XI (spoilers)
Mar 07 2011: Excerpt from R. Scott Bakker's The White-Luck Warrior
Mar 30 2011: The White-Luck Warrior by R. Scott Bakker
Apr 26 2011: The White-Luck Warrior II (spoilers)
May 13 2011: White-Luck Warrior III
May 29 2011: White-Luck Warrior IV
Jun 17 2011: Neuroscience, Humanity & Some Occasional Bakker
Jun 18 2011: White-Luck Warrior V
Jul 26 2011: White-Luck Warrior VI
Oct 11 2011: White Luck Warrior VII
Dec 08 2011: White-Luck Warrior VIII
Jan 09 2012: The False Sun- Bakker
May 03 2012: White-Luck Warrior IX
Aug 12 2012: White-Luck Warrior X: X Marks the Slog
Oct 18 2012: White Luck Warrior XI: 11 Hells down, 100 to Go
Dec 13 2012: The Unholy Consult: Previews and Speculation
Feb 14 2013: The Bakker and Women Thread Returns
Mar 11 2013: Aspect Emperor
Mar 16 2013: The Unholy Consult Previews 2: Murder Shae Wrote
May 03 2013: Bakker XIV: Star Trek into Darkness that Comes Before
Jul 13 2013: Bakker XV: Non-Man of Steel
Aug 14 2013: Bakker の Pacific Rim Job
Sep 05 2013: Bakker - A Discussion of Rectal Miracles
Sep 25 2013: Bakker - "You worship suffering."
Oct 18 2013: Bakker - Holy Water, Unholy Light
Nov 30 2013: Bakker 亀 Anarcane Turtles All the Way down
Dec 27 2013: Bakker XXI: Attack of the Maximum Fun-Fun Ultra Super Happy People
Jan 14 2014: Bakker XXII: All Aboard the Damnation Express
Jan 29 2014: Bakker XXIII: Priapic Godlings and Whoresome Folks
Feb 14 2014: Bakker XXIV: To Be Human is to Be Damned
Feb 20 2014: Bakker XXV: A Few Questions
Apr 03 2014: Bakker XXVI: Atrocious predictions, piled
Jun 09 2014: Bakker XXVII: Shimeh by way of Momemn
Jul 31 2014: Bakker XXVIII: A Hiding Place Soon to be Discovered
Sep 2 2014: Bakker XXIX: Erratics and Impossible Erections
Oct 10 2014: Bakker XXX: A Dark and Seminal Work
Nov 4 2014: Bakker XXXI: What Comes After
Dec 8 2014: Bakker XXXII: The Acts of Fane
Jan 24 2015: Bakker XXXIII: When One Thread Dies One Must Learn To Love Another
Feb 25 2015: Bakker XXXIV: Waiting For Grimdark
April 2 2015: Bakker XXXV: Tyrant of Rat Nation, Worshipped as Rat of Rats
May 5 2015: Bakker XXXVI: The Horror of Threads to Come
Jul 1 2015: Bakker XXXVII: One Big Happy Fanimry
Jul 8 2015: The Slog of Slogs: Help save The Unholy Consult by R. Scott Bakker!
Aug 11 2015: Bakker XXXVIII: Where The Posters Are Damned
Nov 10 2015: Bakker XLI Redux: Measure is Still Unceasing (And a date is revealed for The Great Ordeal)
Feb 10, 2016: Bakker XLII: If you do not post with the people, then you are not of the people!
Feb 20, 2016: Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years
April 20, 2016: Bakker XLIV: The Goddess of Negative Theology
May 16, 2016: R Scott Bakker's :The Great Ordeal (spoilers)
May 23, 2016: Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fraction [Spoilers]s
Jun 4, 2016: Bakker's the Great Ordeal excerpts III: Barthes to Balzac(spoilers)
Jul 1, 2016: Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD
Jul 8, 2016: Bakker XLV: Optimal Tip-to-Tip Damnation (no TGO Spoilers)
Jul 19, 2016: Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II
Aug 4, 2016: Bakker: Pounded In The Brain By The Great Ordeal Spoilers III
Sep 1, 2016: Bakker's The Greart Ordeal IV (spoilers): Demanding a Disputation
Sep 29, 2016: Great Ordeal Feedback
Jan 17, 2017: Bakker XLVI: Make Eärwa Great Again
Feb 28, 2017: Bakker XLVII: Eär-War - A Nomen of Onomatopoeic Omen
Apr 18, 2017: Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ
May 9, 2017: The Unholy Consult SPOILER thread
May 10, 2017: Bakker XLIX - From Bashrags to Riches (No TUC Spoilers!)
May 26, 2017: Bakker XLIX: The End is Near
Jul 1, 2017: The Unholy Consult Post-Release SPOILER THREAD
Jul 15, 2017: The Unholy Consult Post-Release SPOILER THREAD II
Aug 4, 2017: The Unholy Consult post-release SPOILER thread III
Aug 16, 2017: Bakker L - Unholy Consultation and Collaboration (No TUC Spoilers)

very nice compendium.

is a blaspheme like a phoneme and a grapheme?

Nice idea. I'd say keep the B&W threads, it's all part of the Bakker discussion canon after all.

To clarify, are you going to start discussing specific posts and ideas from those threads?


--- Quote from: sologdin on August 26, 2014, 04:17:54 pm ---very nice compendium.

is a blaspheme like a phoneme and a grapheme?

--- End quote ---


Lol - I think it's probably more like a grapheme ;). I did feel weird about the name but between dissenter's dissent and blasphemer's blaspheme (rather than blaspheming), I felt to blaspheme was best in context of the series and as a nod to Heresy.

--- Quote from: Ashtinahgma on August 26, 2014, 06:33:25 pm ---Nice idea. I'd say keep the B&W threads, it's all part of the Bakker discussion canon after all.

To clarify, are you going to start discussing specific posts and ideas from those threads?

--- End quote ---

Check out the linked Heretic's Guide and HERESY 100 above, Ashtinahgma. In the Heretic's Guide someone went through many of the later perpetual Heresy threads and provided a brief description of the dominant discussion in each specific thread. In HERESY 100 a number of Westerosi members wrote little essays consolidating seven of the major speculative threads.

That is what I hope to accomplish here. But feel free to comment on interesting notation, etc, etc, and if conversation pertaining to one specific idea becomes too extensive we can move the posts to more appropriate threads.

A collection of my Judging Eye Reread posts:
What Has Come Before

Prologue & Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Five and Chapter six

before Cil Aujus

Aftermath of Lil' Kel's rampage / The Great Song of the World

Sorweel's tree

The Last Born (aka non men)

Ruminations on Non Man Art, Non man vision, deception and Seswatha


Chorae, Salt, Purification

Close Reading of Mimara's strange Point-of-View, the Flight from Cil Aujus Mega Post

Cil Aujus Close Reading: CHORAE

Chorae in Cil Aujus continued


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