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The Blasphemer's Guide to Blaspheme

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lockesnow, I'm not sure if I've locked it (I'll check - and it's not locked) but feel free to add these to The Almanac: TAE Edition in individual chapter threads or simply as one thread consolidating your reread :).

Very nice work Madness, and all those who participated in the actual topics. So many thoughts, so little time.

I love this already.  I've never dipped myself totally in westeros (although I giggle every time some member brings up the 'guest' that is always looking at the Bakker thread, whenever I'm looking there) - there are some very quality posts there, scattered throughout threads.  Bringing the best of that here seems like the most reasonable act.

WOW--thanks Madness!

Excellent idea. There are so many interesting theories and interpretations that have emerged over at westerns; compiling them into a catchall thread is great for those of us getting ready to embark on a re-read or trying to initiate new readers with the value in RSB's work.


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