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Two Sentence Scary Stories

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What about one sentence?

When I withdrew my lips from his I studied my grandfathers face with confusion as he withdrew the knife from my heart.

There's one I read somewhere and still remember. "Baby shoes for sale. Never used."


--- Quote from: Alia on October 20, 2015, 10:30:09 am ---There's one I read somewhere and still remember. "Baby shoes for sale. Never used."

--- End quote ---

those 2 sentences have so much punch.  i think that this is from Hemingway and is the inspiration for the subreddit i posted upthread.  someone in that reddit did

Five zombies, four bullets.  Two zombies.

My dads met at Bible camp.

Sticks. Spears. Swords. Guns. Nukes. Sticks.


--- Quote ---There's one I read somewhere and still remember. "Baby shoes for sale. Never used."
--- End quote ---

I love this story actually. Legend has it that Hemingway and a group of fellow authors were out having a drink discussing their craft and all the jazz. During said discussion, Hemingway claims that he can write a complete, moving story in just six words. All those gathered are incredulous and jeer at him, so he proceeds to bet them each a drink. Hemingway then grabs a napkin and writes out "For sale: baby shoes. Never used." and passes it around the table. In turn, each of them read the napkin and concede how dramatically wrong they had been; and big burly drunk that Hemingway was, he collects on a table full of drinks  ;D

I had a handful of stories I had been saving up for the day this thread got started and now I can't seem to find them on my computer. So, off the top of my head:

She pressed her lips to my forehead and crawled into bed next to me. They were just as cold as the last time I buried her.

Francis Buck:
Yeah that one's like the paragon of the whole style, and easily the best example I've personally seen. To be entirely honest I don't often find myself very impressed with most flash fiction I see, but every once in a while I see some good pieces. Then again I'm a pretentious, self-absorbed aspiring writer with unrealistically high "standards" for what I consider good (or more precisely, works that actually affect me in some meaningful way), so my opinions on these -- which are often just meant to be some simple fun -- is probably totally out of whack.


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