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Twitter Is Not America


Twitter Is Not America

--- Quote ---As the platforms age, their devotees become more and more distinct from the regular person. For more than a decade now, many people in media and technology have been feeding an hour or two of Twitter into our brains every single day. Because we’re surrounded by people who live their lives like this—and, crucially, because so many of the journalists who write about the internet experience the internet in this way—it might feel like this is just how Twitter is, that a representative sample of America is plugged into the machine in this way.

But it’s not. Twitter is not America. And few people who work outside the information industries choose to spend their lives reading tweets, let alone writing them.

Twitter is a highly individual experience that works like a collective hallucination, not a community. It’s probably totally fine that a good chunk of the nation’s elites spend so much time on it. What could go wrong?
--- End quote ---

The other day in the Agora, I liked Reddit to the anus of the internet, 4Chan as the colon, Facebook as the toilet and Twitter as the scrawling on public restroom walls.

I guess that means I agree?


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