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Yearly Reading Targets 2020

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Interesting. Well glad that its good. I remember enjoying Heroes Die but didn't feel extremely compelled to finish the rest right away.

I got Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo, An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson, and Dragon's Legacy by Deborah Wolf for christmas. The former two not by request but I'll probably read those sooner rather than later to be polite. Hopefully they're good.

First though is another Gap Cycle book. Forbidden Knowledge: Gap Into Vision by Stephen R Donaldson. It seems to be following the dark trend of the first book... Might be tough to read the whole series if it is unrelenting.

Lol, I did not continue Donaldson after I finished or failed to finish the duology of the first two books. Though, I actually might try again through the digital library. Now that we're talking about it.

Well I'm only on book 2 of Gap, which I'll finish but I may stop here. There's only so many pages I care to read about various kinds rape and their myriad impacts. There's gotta be a plot in here somewhere, right? ...

Oh, right. Nah, book #2 opens up the narrative world a lot without the difficulty of the opening novel(lla). I just think at the time it was overwhelming coming right off the first piece.

Blade of Tyshalle - Matthew Stover (1)

Honestly... this took me for a ride, though I don't think it impacted me quite as much as reading Heroes Die. Stover is an inventive fuck regarding the narrative, I'll give him that. I'm super disappointed to learn about some of his stylistic choices regarding the third and the fourth books in the series - I'm thinking I have a Hyperion/Endymion situation on my hands so I'm going to hold off on rushing into Caine Black Knife. Definitely, as well as per the Hyperion comparison, would recommend that any Bakker fan read at least Heroes Die and Blade of Tyshalle as a duology.

Also, the first book I've ever read on a fucking phone ;).


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