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« on: January 21, 2016, 05:49:22 pm »
So someone sent me a Groupon they received and it happened to be for an online course designed to facilitate and guide someone in writing a novel. Generally, I'm pretty skeptical of any such course that would espouse the ability to teach someone to write a novel, but after a cursory glance at the course description and structure I was admittedly intrigued. Whether I believe that the course can accomplish what it claims, I do believe it is of value to consider, if not accept, the advice of those who have been before and done what you aim to do.

Here's the thing that really solidified it for me. The course is £400. The Groupon is $39 (CAD I believe, but even if it were USD that's a steal). I was willing to spend that kind of money for hours of content considering I've spent more than that for less in other instances.

In any case, I mention it here for any others that might be interested. In addition, they included a referral link with my purchase. If you're interested, check it out: http://groupon.com/bwf/5c97a007-dbd9-4f4a-b0d0-ebdeb15854e9?utm_medium=bwf&utm_source=bwf_fw_email You can save an additional $14 if you purchase before January 24.

Even if you don't buy, I'll likely post any particularly interesting information that I uncover while delving more into it.


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« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2016, 02:01:16 pm »
Extra saving day has past, but this sounds pretty cool for any interested in such things.

Did you purchase? Is the course available as pdf's / powerpoints? Might be that you could share more than just pieces with those interested, if there are any.
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