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General Earwa / Re: Skin-Spies (Nature of Tekné Soulles Things)
« on: August 10, 2015, 10:46:44 pm »
ook seems like Skin-spys can see chorae
when Miamara first does the nonman drug, her eye opens when she feels the drug kicking in
 she see's the chorae as a "Tear of god" and asked Soma what he saw. he said " its you im having difficulty seeing with that thing pressed against your skin. you look like a breathing shadow."
he also calls it "a ball of shadow." and when she puts is away, he says "ahh much better."

Does he have a soul?

General Earwa / Re: Chorae
« on: August 04, 2015, 11:13:05 pm »

Chorae: the wiki says "they belong to lost branch of sorcery called the Aporos."  The branches of sorcery all take their names from Greek words. “Aporos” comes from the Greek word “Άπορος,” meaning “Destitute.” des·ti·tute- without the basic necessities of life.

Are Chorae Mini Versions of a perfect No-God? Do Chorae suck the very soul from Sorcerers leaving the dry husk of a body?
Im thinking the Inchoroi and the Aporos Quya made Chorae, told humans they were "godly" when they were just sole sucking grenades with a immune buff.
Centuries later The Consult (Humans and the Twins) try to make a Big Chorae or some device that the maybe does the same thing but as a storing device. Failing they ducted taped a couple Chorae on the Carapace, dusted theirs hands off and said "Good enough."

General Earwa / Re: Cishaurim
« on: August 04, 2015, 02:06:13 pm »
i say they knew because its a part of the Inrithi war culture, what Inrithi army doesnt have Chorae bowmen.

and how do Chorae bowmen work exactly, do they place the Chorae at the tip of an arrow? i guess slaves collect the chorae that litter the ground after a battle. Do we have a number of chrae in the Three Seas

General Earwa / Re: Cishaurim
« on: August 04, 2015, 04:38:20 am »
TTT, when Proyas (in Shimeh) is on a rooftop and throws his chorae at a Cishaurim:

Then a flash, a black-ringed circle of light, from which the saffron figure plummeted like a sodden flag.

It appears, maybe, that chorae have an equal-but-opposite effect on Cishaurim.  Sorcerers are completely turned to salt, clothes and all (removal of all water from them?).  Cish appear to be 'sodden' yet still 'burn' (becoming soaked or one with 'water'?).

Also, something that always bugged me:  Moe doesn't flinch before Cnaiur places the chorae on his cheek.  If he were a sorcerer, he would have sensed the thing coming toward him, but he doesn't.  He only reacts when it touches him.  So, a few possibilities:

1) Cishaurim aren't of the Few (they can't sense chorae, even though they kill them, too; is there any textual evidence to support/contradict this?)
2) Moenghus was not one of the Few (if he were, he may have sensed it coming toward him anyway)
3) Moe was so absorbed with what he was doing (trying to save his own ass), he didn't sense it (hard for me to believe, as the Dunyain have demonstrated they can easily concentrate on more than one thing at a time).

Just adding fuel to the speculative fire.

Pg 136 TWP

They walked to elude the companies of crossbowmen they Knew the Inrihi kept behind their lines, armed with the Tears of God. Not one among their number could be risked, not with the Scarlet Spires girding for war-not for any reason. THey were Cishaurim, Indara's Waterbearers, and their breath was more precious then the breath of thousands. They were oasis among men.

They cant see them. 

General Earwa / Re: Cishaurim
« on: August 03, 2015, 11:52:06 pm »
 :-\ dammit. page 387 of TTT
Moenghus gasped, jerked, and spasmed as Cnaiiur rolled the Chorae across his cheek. White light flashed from his gouged sockets. For an instant, Cnaiir thought, it seemed the God watched him though a mans skull.
What do you see?

But then his lover fell away, burning as he must, such was the force of was had possesses them.

UM did The No-God look through Moes eyes. Cnaiir believes his god is dead, The No-God is the Scylvendi God, right?

General Earwa / Re: Cishaurim
« on: August 02, 2015, 09:31:21 pm »
Something interesting I came across while reading about Inrilatas:

She had prayed for the passing of her fertility during this time, for what the Nansur called meseremta, the "dry season."  But Yatwer's Water continued to flow..."

In this context, the Water is cast as a blessing.

to me that meant vaginal fluid or the ability to have children. before the twins were born Esmi didnot want anymore but she still could produce. (idk how to female body works lol)

Atrocity Tales / Re: The Four Revelations of Cinial'jin
« on: August 02, 2015, 02:21:14 am »
i Found a mention of Pir-Pahal in CHapter 14 of TJE
 "Pir-Pahal, Achamian realized. The entire hall was dedicated to it, a great and ancient battle fought between Nonmen and Inchoroi. He could even recognize the principals: The traitor, Nin'Janjin, and his soverign, Cu'jara Cinmoi, the Nonman Emperor. The mighty hero, Gin'gurima, with arms like a man's thighs. And the Inchoroi King, Sil, armoured in courpses, flanked by his inhuman kinsmen, winged monstrosities with wicked limbs, pendulous phalli, and skulls grafted into skulls.

although not mentioned Cinial'jin was there at the battle and maybe sculpted into the wall, He's not a Nonman Akka knows.

The White-Luck Warrior / Re: Who is the Manipulator?
« on: July 28, 2015, 08:06:22 pm »
Also, since I'm about halfway through TDTCB, my 3rd reread. I've seen a couple things early that point to Seswatha being a bigger part of this story. First, I believe right of the bat Seswatha is starting to manipulate Akka's dreams. He notes in one of his first dreams we see that when he looks in the mirror he see's himself and not Seswatha, notes how odd that is. Secondly, when he's meeting with Inrau and Sarcellus knocks him to the ground he whispers in Akka's ear, "Oh, how I've longed to do that!". Right there is a skin spy speaking to Seswatha and you would never pick that up unless on a reread. And, it enforces the idea, to me, that Seswatha is part of this thing hands on. It actually shocked me when I read it, like a subtle clue left so early on.

Ime pretty sure every Skin-Spy has spoken to Seswatha thru the Mandati. Chigra Almost as if instead of seeing the mark the Skin-spys see him

The first world would fall, collapse, and burn. With things like student loans and debt almost anyone under 30 would be gone...
Leaving adults if various income levels, middle class would be the "new poor." and most of them would straight out refuse the new countless low income jobs that were typically saved for immigrants and teenagers. Trashman, fastfood, literary most "dirty jobs."

For the rich it would truly be a golden age, they could finally have their robots serve them coffee at starbucks and places like that. Some communities would be that flying car, jetsons future weve been loking for.
I loke this, this is fun

General Earwa / Re: Save Bakker's The Unholy Consult
« on: July 02, 2015, 03:47:31 am »
Lol are we The Mandate of the Westeros forums  :D :-\ :'(

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