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White Luck Warrior. 9% Complete.

1. I always love Proyas’s POV chapters. He’s always been a captivating character for me even when he’s at his worst. I swear, he has the strongest conscience in the world. He’s been in combat for how long now? You’d think he’d be used to sacking cities, but he’s vomiting and crying after presiding over the sacking of an Aioni city like he’s done it for the first time. It might be because he became a father/husband/king after the Holy War, but I just think it’s because he’s no Scalvendi or Conphas. Can you imagine what Cnaiur would think? *Spits*.

I wasn’t too surprised that he became a husband and a father. It’s pretty much expected of those in his position. However, there have been monarchs who DID NOT marry for whatever reason and he should have been one of them given what he’s been doing for the past twenty years, especially when the KIDS need to be reminded that he is their father. Yikes. One of them was named Xinemus though. :D

I still felt a bit “awww…eh…meh” about it because I felt like it was unnecessary to include it. Even in Proyas’s case, they’re just abstractions. He admits that himself. So for him, sacrificing them for “the big picture” would not be that difficult to do since there isn’t a strong bond with them. HOWEVER, even if he DID have a solid bond with his family, he STILL thinks like a world leader. Not just a King of Conriya, or a father, husband, lover or friend. He knows that if the Consult is allowed to run amok, then EVERY ONE would die. Not just enemies, people you don’t care about, or the assholes, but the people you do love. IOW, it won’t matter who’s skeleton is your wife, friend, loved one.

Of course, that’s all thanks to Kellhus. There is a REASON why he keeps Proyas so close and it isn’t just because Proyas thinks in the big picture. I think it’s also because Proyas is aware that Kellhus sees the world as a “benjuku plate” and that won’t change even if Golgotterath is utterly annihilated.

One thing though, Proyas is wrong about dismissing man as “weak” just because they value those closest to them more than anything else. Man, in general, is short-sighted and small-minded, but not necessarily weak. Powerless, sure, as many people are like that, but weak? Not really. It’s easy to make that accusation though. “Weak” is one of those words that is thrown around to the point of meaninglessness.

Than again, Proyas is very hard on himself and so tends to be hard on others too. It’s totally true that he is a “rare, and ardent soul”. IMO, great leaders are pretty damned rare, but that could be my cynicism talking.

I just adore Proyas; faults, volcano tempers, and all.

2. Poor Sloggies. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. The NO SOBBING rule is clearly in effect. Sobbers DIE! LOLOL! Than again, the “sobber” in question was likely dying anyway. Captain doesn’t screw around, like always, but he’s starting to look and act like a hot mess.

Maybe he’s going a bit nuts too? As for “Soot”, what happened to him was unfortunate, but he was like just there…maybe that was the whole point. Don’t know what you have ‘till it’s gone. And it figures that he would “damned”.
:(  It’s one thing for someone like him to be “damned”, but for people who were born of the FEW to be damned is BULLSHIT. Hell, being damned for eternity is BULLSHIT. Maybe it is. I don’t think anyone has come back from the “Outside” to say anything about it.

Maybe the Consult is trying to “save themselves from damnation” for nothing. Maybe they should…well…I dunno, not rape and kill a bunch of people? Just an idea. At least with magic users, they’re not really to blame for what they have.

3. Oh back to Proyas. I have a confession to make. I knew that Mimara was still alive even before the Aspect Emperor and knew that she was an adult. I actually “ship” Proyas and Mimara. My ideal ending was to have Proyas, Mimara and some others take on mean old Kellhus and defeat him and the Consult. Then he would marry Mimara and they would simply rebuild what is left of the world. And then a rainbow, gold bunny with ruby eyes flew out of my ass.

4. Cleric is being awesome, as usual. I love his sermons. I love it every time he does anything. He could be taking a dump, and I would love it.

White Luck Warrior 25% Complete.

1. “I shit when I shit!” Damned right you do, Inrilatas! Move over, Kelmomas, there’s a new Crazy Diamond in town and he is AWESOME! YES! Set him free, so that he might wreak havoc and KILL! Watch the Empire Burn! And the world. And kill Mathinet. Don’t die though. Not yet. This guy is too awesome to kill off. I love insanity in fiction. Joker, for example, is my favorite Batman villain. However, villains like Harvey Two-Face tend to be more unnerving. Anyway, can’t wait to see what he does once he escapes. Thanks for that, Kelmomas.

2. Yea, it’s pretty obvious that Kelmomas’s love for his mother is the same love one has for say, a toy. As for people being viewed as animals and/or children, I tend to roll my eyes. Animals don’t get treated as badly as the humans on this world or any world really. Also, animals don’t have ego/superego, so they’re not as affected by being looked down on.

3. I think Esmenet does despise those who kneel all too quickly and I don’t blame her for that. Bootlicks suck. I think she HATES the system and how things are and I think a lot of her decisions are based on the “letter of the law” and not something she personally agrees with. What can she do though?
She’s not Daenerys; she doesn’t have three dragons and even Dany’s well intentioned acts led to a lot of problems. I tend to smile at peasant/slave revolts because they’re usually well-intentioned or based on something like “WE"RE STARVING”. Not to say that Upper Class/Noble revolts don’t have that, but it’s not the same thing. Counter-Revolt, and Reactionary Rebellions don’t count. I also don’t generally count overthrows of Monarchs either, unless there’s a permanent system change. Anyway, with popular rebellions, even if they tend to fail due to playing against a VERY stacked deck, they tend to have lasting effects, some of which are permanent.

And that’s just it with the Kellian Empire. The measures they’re taking to quell the rebellions/riots are only prolonging the inevitable: Apocalypse.

As for why Esmenet hates using people, it’s most likely because she likes doing things herself and she knows how to feels to be “used”. Hell, she still is being used. :/  And yes, she is very much aware that she only has the authority she has because of Kellhus. She hates that too, no doubt.

4. So Soma was a skin-spy. Was a bit of a shock, but then I thought of how he was throughout the story and realized that it was all there. I suspect that he was a skin-spy long before he was involved in “The Slog”. Even Cleric didn’t see that or maybe he just didn’t care. He is upset now that he has been caught.

5. Sorweel is doing good! Hooray!

6. No way Mathinet is behind these riots. Certain people *cough Kel* just want him out of the way because Esement likes him and is also seen as a threat. TBH, I don’t care about Mathinet either way. He’s not cool enough.

1. I can certainly understand why Mimara is so angry at her mother. Sold into slavery? Check. Many innocent people dying because of what happened? Check. Mimara is right to be a bit miffed. Because honestly? The people who paid the price probably didn’t even KNOW Mimara, much less have anything to do with her in the brothel. Or, they didn’t actually DO anything to her. The guilty parties? I guarantee that they all got away. Which means that a lot of people died for nothing. No wonder the Empire is a such a mess. A lot of their policies are actually self-defeating.

Achamian NAILED pretty much everything in his responses/saying. The only exception would be about love/hate. It’s possible to hate someone without ever having loved them. But, Achamian is usually right and a few disagreements don’t change that. He’s still the tits.

2. Mimara is pregnant. It’s obviously Achamian’s, but if what he says is true, then it will problably be a still birth. :(

3. Awww…Cleric likes Mimara. Isn’t that precious? Cleric/Mimara, FTW! NOT. Much as I adore Cleric, he is insane and even if he wasn’t, he is Immortal, so he’d end up with the same issues as Vampires and many other immortals: GRIEF due to constant loss. It’s why many vampires end up solitary or with other Vampires. Well, such things are CURSES for a reason.

4. Here we go again with supplies running out. I guess Bakker follows Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, WILL go wrong. Poor Slaves. :( But, it’s not just them. MANY people, including Princes, were left behind to go home or die. Probably the latter. FIGURES.

 My sympathy is with those who were FORCED to be there. The rest? TUFF. Kayutas does have a point though. He’s not doing what he’s doing out of malice, but out of practicality. I also don’t think he’s a Conphas. Not really. He’s not as fun.

5. The witches are just awesome! I bet people are sorry for their dumb prejudices now! Proof that people were WRONG, WRONG, WRONG about female magic users. As for Serwa, well, there’s no questioning her ability, but are we supposed to give much of a shit about her? Right now, I don’t, but it looks like Sorweel is stuck with her.

6. Proyas…here, have one of these:

There is a reason why Kellhus is asking you those questions. Oh, and it’s true that Achamian is not gentle, but to say that he is unwise is not a good plan. Unless, Proyas is just telling Kellhus what he wants to hear. I do, however, think it’s ridiculous to look down on a man who has been cheated on. What is a woman called when she is cheated on? Women in that situation are generally NOT viewed in the same manner. Oh, and Achamian was guilty of cheating too. Was he a cuckold then? Was Esmenet? Is a woman EVER a cuckold? Would Esmenet have been considered one if SHE chose to renounce Kellhus?

7. I really can’t stress this enough: Kellhus does not see people as children, they’re seen as chattel to be used and thrown away. He wants EVERY ONE who isn’t Dunyain to be in THAT position. This is has nothing to do with left-wing, right-wing, hot-wing ideology either. I’ve always believed (and still do) that the Dunyain in general want a world of nothing but LOGOS.

Basically, this: Shijima( The reason which Hikawa created. Shijima is all about having a world of silence. Where people all are gods, but serve very specific roles. Emotions and human feelings are gone in order to maintain complete tranquility. Everyone performs their function accordingly in the world of Shijima and works together to keep the world going smoothly. So overall, the world is guaranteed to be safe in this reason, but the power of emotions is gone. A driving force for people to live ceases to exist. Overall, that”s what’s in store for you if you select Shijima as your reason.

You like? Then, I guess you can route for Kellhus/Dunyain. If I am wrong, then I think that Kellhus has no intention of saving very many people at all. NO ONE, except Cnaiur(dead for realz, I guess…what a waste) and Achamian realize this, but the latter is mincing his words.

8. LOL! The Captain does not fuck around. Not even for a moment. Such dedication to THE SLOG. Such devotion to Kellhus. A true believer. Too bad he will probably be killed. Would be a shame as he commands respect. I still have little sympathy for the Stone Hags.

White Luck Warrior 50% Done!

1. NO! Inrilatas! My favorite crazy diamond! NOOO! I will miss you, crazy awesome! God damn, he was sooo good at fucking with EVERY ONE. I loved that and now he is gone. I am very disappointed. I could care less about Mathinet. His head could explode right in front of me and I wouldn’t care. I don’t think Kelmomas intended for Inrilatas to die at that moment though(later though, for obvious reasons). He simply didn’t understand what Inril was trying to do. Who can? Inrilatas is a nutter. Would have loved it if Proyas confronted Inrilatas. I’d have popcorn.

2. I think one problem with Esmenet is that she tends to take things personally. I know that there are dumb-asses out there who oppose her because she’s a woman/caste menial/former whore, but I’ve said it before and will say it again, she was chosen to be Kellhus’s “dragon” for a reason and it has little to do with where she came from except that being in “service type” jobs often can give you a pretty decent perspective on human behavior. That goes for nursing too. Not that it’ll be perfect(nothing is), but I’m reminded of the waitress in the movie Thelma and Louise, “I’ve been a waitress for twenty years and if that doesn’t make you can expert on human nature, nothing will.” Esmenet is not only tough and smart, she’s fairly shrewd too.

The only thing is that she sometimes does fall into something WE ARE ALL guilty of: oversimplifying. Plenty of Caste Nobles support her just fine and she’s likely very popular among the common people in the Nansur region(well, for now). The Caste Nobles who hate when lower classes manage to “rise above their station”(and I’m sure this has happened along with escaped slaves) and don’t need her as Empress to think the way they do.

Also, the slaves/menials don’t need her rise to be reminded of their indignities. They generally could care less who is in charge as long as they have healthy, happy, stable lives, AND THEY ARE LEFT IN PEACE. Since they rarely are, they have to care, but the common people who oppose the Empire would have done so no matter who ruled.

What I’m trying to say is that most people who oppose the Kellian Empire and NOT opposing her personally, but the Empire itself. She’s been in power for twenty years, I don’t think they’re really asking “How can a whore be Empress?” anymore. Most people outside of the First Holy War probably don’t even know WHERE she came from and most likely didn’t even know WHO she was until Kellhus became the Aspect-Emperor.

She shouldn’t have to show anyone anything after being a ruling Empress for twenty years. As for Fanayal, I don’t blame her for feeling the way she does about him. He’s been a thorn for YEARS, but he isn’t fighting her legitimacy. He’s been the enemy since the First Holy War and he’s not about to stop now.

3. Mimara has a point about Esmenet, but just because Esmenet wasn’t a slave, doesn’t mean she had that much power in whatever choices she made. Achamian was right to go after her for that. Yes, “there are chains and then there are CHAINS.” As for the Exceptions, if there any group of people who should be flayed alive, it’s the people who made COUNTERFEIT Exceptions. That’s lower than dirt. At least now, Mimara knows that her mother did try to save her all those years ago.

4. Anyone have any fanart of Cleric giving his sermons in the sky? I would love a visual of that. Sermons in the sky…a nice title.

White Luck Warrior 71 % Complete.

1. Looks like Achamian is going to end up delivered to Kellhus. At first, I thought that the Captain had no such intention as he was intent on THE SLOG OF SLOGS, but I’m not seeing that now. Then again, Kosoter is a Zandunyain and crazy like Cleric, so who knows with either one of them? But, since Achamian finally refused the Crackie (oh, Qirri), they’ve held him captive. Maybe they figured out he was lying? Or maybe, Kosoter wants it ALL.

Think of the rewards he would get for delivering Akka to Kellhus and think of what he might still be able to get once they reach the library. BTW, I peeked a bit and found that Cleric is Nil'Giccas, last King of the Nonmen. The same one apparently willing to work with Kellhus. Wonderful.

2. Poor Mimara. I have to give her credit for trying, despite being pregnant. She is miles ahead of Esmenet as best girl. I wonder what the Qirri will do to fetuses?

3. I noticed how the Emissary of King Cleric kept looking at Proyas. I think that is very telling. These insane Nonmen have agreed to help in exchange for Mohenghus, Serwa, and Sorweel. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

4. Speaking of Proyas, psst…the password is “WILLING”. It’s one thing to be a WILLING slave, it’s another to be forced into it. Then again, Kellhus is pretty much admitting that he “made” Proyas willing by playing on what he already/wanted to believe in.

I’d also like to point out that it’s easy to run your mouth about the “exaltation of submission” when you’re basically someone with power, privileged, prosperous, having access to the best just for being alive in the right place and right family. I seriously doubt that the vast majority of CHATTEL SLAVES/Caste menials feel exalted in any way. People who are forced to submit certainly don’t. So women have the same privileges as men? I find no evidence of that.

Then again, certain attitudes don’t change easily, but it seems to me that the only women who have such privlidges are those like Esmenet and the witches. And really, does it mean anything at all if you are OWNED by the “Blessed Empress/Emperor”?


5. I found what happened with the Nilnameshi prostitute INFURIATING. I guess I’m not much for being owned, but I guess I wouldn’t be a survivor like that girl nor did I grow up in a slave state. Naree? I think. People like her are the ones who write/speak the histories. Still, I can understand why Esmenet did what she did as she was in a super desperate situation and didn’t like having to do that. Doesn’t help that Esmenet STILL felt defeated.

That assassin? White Luck Warrior. This is going to be fun. Oh, and I peeked again and found that Imhailas dies and Naree ends up with a nice, fat settlement.

6. The dream Achamian had? I don’t think that actually happened to that Prince. It seemed a little too unreal. Maybe his subconscious is saying that the Crackie is fucking every one up.

7. Kellhus, yea, bla bla bla. There’s nothing he says that most of us don’t already know, except I don’t agree that things would suddenly collapse if a few people decided to tell others to “take this job and shove it.” Take the US, for example, a lot of people don’t have faith in anything, but this country hasn’t collapsed yet. Then again, the US is a tad more modern.

Still, I doubt a slave exodus (for example) should make that much of a difference to the system. Then again, maybe it depends on HOW many people are willing/able to do that. As for Esmenet, looks like she WAS aware that the people didn’t care who was in charge as long as they had healthy, stable lives.

The problem is that, they’re not really left in peace. People in the New Empire are all too easily punished. It just seems WORSE to me. Like, there are some improvements, but at the same time, things have gotten worse. I know that sometimes things will get worse before things will get better, but given what Kellhus/Dunyain actually think about the “world born”…well, let’s just say that I don’t think they care about making the world a better place.

I’d like to think that Esmenet actually DOES, but simply doesn’t have the support to make that happen.
I understand the WAR, but I could have sworn I asked about what would happen AFTER the war. I guess I just expect too much. *shrugs*

White Luck Warrior. 82% Complete!

1. I don’t think I mentioned Obetogawa. I was shocked that he made it that far and only did it so he can die by his Prince’s hand. That guy is STRONG. The more I thought about it, the more tear-jerking it became. Poor Zsoronga. :( I don’t see him ending well either, which would be a shame.

2. Serwa is the sort of character that grows on you. At first, she’s not likeable, but once you get to know her better, that changes. Same with Mohengus jr. I love the interactions between her, Mohengus, and Sorweel. Interesting how she can fast travel. Too bad Achamian couldn’t or wouldn’t do the same.

3. Kosoter is mean to Mimara. (So is every one else now, except for Akka and Incariol). :( Combine that with harming Achamian and he is now on THE LIST. I have to give him credit though. This guy gets things done and isn’t really afraid of nothing. I think even damnation to him is like, “er, I’d rather not.”

4. So, I’m reading things about different sides of the battle. I don’t know what to make of this. One one hand, I think “WHO GIVES A FUCK!? YOU CAN GET SO MUCH MORE DEPTH BY FOCUSING ON A FEW MAJOR CHARACTERS!!” But, at the same time, this war affects MANY people, and not just Proyas or Kayutas. But, I think he could have at least focused on Saubon and his group too. Seems that Saubon just vanished into irrelevancy. Then again, he’s been irrelevant since he was made a king, tbh.

5. I never talked about Prosporian, did I? That guy was so awesome. Love how he ACTS subserviant. I tend to have a love/hate relationship with that sort of thing though. On one hand, it’s smart, but on the other, it’s a tactic not-so good people(Like Uriah Heap) use. Well, I guess it’s a neutral thing. But, I admit that it’s damned smart/shrewd.

6. Crackie–not even once. Pfft…who am I kidding? You know most people would use it if they had some.

White Luck Warrior: Complete. (Keeping the Great Ordeal beginning seperate).

1. Cleric/Akka STOLE THE SHOW! They stole every thing. They win the prize. Best duo, best duel, best eveything. You will be missed terribly, Nil'Giccas. Such a tragedy. Awesome way to go out though. “I AM THE TRUTH!” And AFTER running off a dragon! Mimara did good too. Kosoter died a badass, cinematic death. Dino of 8mm would have loved that.

2. Esmenet is such a mess. Not that I blame her. It’s obvious that she is a mother first, Empress second. She’s been beaten, dragged through the streets, lost her lover, the girl couldn’t do anything to help, etc. It’s understandable that she’d be a bit small minded given the situation, but one of the problems of being in power is that you have to think beyond your “monkey sphere” and that’s a very difficult thing to do even in the best of times. To call her weak is unfair. Unwilling? Yes. And it’s tearing her apart. She’s no Jon Snow, but I think even Jon Snow would fall apart given the circumstances.

3. The problem with the Empire isn’t so much cruelty, it’s the EXCESSIVE cruelty. Yes, it can be effective, but in a lot of cases, it can just as easily lead to more problems later. It’s one of the reasons why there’ve been so many problems in the Empire.

4. Mathinet is right. What happens AFTER the Ordeal? The Empire was a tool. How nice and very surprising. NOT. Oh, Mathinet was killed. Whoopie. Poor Esmenet, her crown moment of awesome was ruined by an invasion. Bummer. That, and the White Luck Warrior. She has no idea who he really is. Oh dear…

5. Kelmomas being bad, as usual. And he knows that things are going to go to hell in a handbasket and he is loving it! Maybe Inrilatas is possessing him. I hope so. >:)

6. Ishual destroyed. I actually knew this long before I even started this series, except that I thought it was a different city. I do wonder what caused it. Consult? Dunyain did it themselves? Will find out soon enough. But…FIGURES.

7. Saubon finally has some prominence again, but why is he even Exalt General? He hasn’t done shit. Does he even serve a purpose anymore other than being a bitchy baby? Maybe he should eat some Sranc.

8. They can eat Scranc now! I’m sure everything will be fine and they’ll totally emerge most triumphant now that they are not starving. I’m sure they won’t go crazy or anything such thing. Nah. Every thing will be alright. Surely. Just like I’m sure that I will shit a platinum rabbit and sell it for 10 million dollars.
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