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« on: December 08, 2017, 12:44:41 am »

1. Esmenet found Kelmomas early. YAY! She’ll learn the hard way that Mathinet was right. :(

2. KELLHUS! What are you doing to my baby!? Proyas…:( It’s true that Proyas is fierce and “full throttle” in everything he does. That hasn’t changed much over the years, but, what Kellhus is doing to him is the equivalent of molding a statue and then throwing it over a bridge. Is Proyas cutting himself? Or was he injured during a battle? Either way, Kellhus is breaking Darth Proyas and I know that it’s not just because he could. If “God” is in fact an “it”, then what would the No-God be? Are the other gods “its” too? I guess they could be if they are nothing more than concepts created by people.

Anyway, Kellhus is creating doubt for a reason, that’s for sure. I hope it isn’t because Kellhus is setting him (and the Great Ordeal) up for failure. Oh wait…#Teamconsult? Is Kellhus #Teamconsult? I talked about something like that in another post, but that was based on some ideal ending I had.

Damnit, I wish I could figure out why. I feel like a derpina. :( Poor Proyas…and I think it’ll only get worse.

3. Oh, Sorweel, Sorwa and Moehngus? Eh, so what? They’re consenting adults. As for Sorweel, I know he’s just pissy that he didn’t get to join in. lolol. But, I’m starting to just care less about them and more about the ORDEAL and, of course, Achamian and Mimara.

The Great Ordeal 19% Complete. This one is short as I want to get this out, but I will say more later.

I lost all respect for Theliopa for wanting a generally harmless girl DEAD. Even if Naree DID betray, it was out of desperation and not malice. She would NEVER be a threat. It’s NOT strength to kill a powerless, non threatening person. It’s COWARDICE. It’s not “ferocious”. It’s bullying a disadvantaged person and it’s nothing to be admired. Naree was ALREADY punished and she was already punishing herself. It’s not like she took pleasure at what happened.

Esmenet even admitted that she would have done the same thing. While I can never fully hate Esmenet, I lost all respect for her too. Unless, she told her to leave and it make it look like she killed her. She’s smart enough to pull that off.

I don’t believe Kellhus would have even thought of someone like Naree, much less kill her.

It would have been strength to stand up to Thelli and REFUSE while finding better alternatives. But, Esmenet is easily manipulated by people like Thelli. Shame. Doesn’t help that I think she has deep insecurities that can be played on.

I just think that people like Naree are not even worth killing. It’s not like she’s going to do anything like that again. Naree should have just fled, I guess. She had the money. LOL.

The only way I would change my mind is if you can prove to me that malice and forethought was involved. If Naree even WAS a threat in any way.  Otherwise, KILLING Naree showed weakness. Showed that Esmenet was easily manipulated into doing anything her children wanted her to do. It shows cowardice because it makes someone like Naree out to be a greater threat than they are. I’m just not impressed with killing a desperate, POWERLESS(can’t stress this enough) person who can’t fight back or have anyone to do it for her.

Achamian would be horrified. So would Proyas and he DEFINES ferocious. Pretty sure both of them would had told Theliopa to get bent.

Exiling Naree or at worst, imprisoning her would have been more appropriate, but there’s no Tyrion Lannister there to say so. :(

1. I am STILL pissed about a VERY minor character like Naree. I guess it’s because she isn’t just a faceless “red shirt” type like in the First Holy War. Don’t get me wrong, I was pissed about that too, but I was even angrier about the death of one girl. Oh! The Humanity! The thing is, HALF THE CITY betrayed Esmenet for a variety of reasons and it looks like many of them either already have been forgiven or will be.

How to get away with betrayal: Be important. Don’t be someone like Naree. Then, you will skate.

I know I’m being odd about this, but I tend to look at it in a “it depends” sort of mode. Eliminating poverty, even if it means giving money to a “irresponsible freeloader”, would eliminate a lot of betrayals for gold though.

Now on to other things.

2. Saubon can go screw. He can also go to hell. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars. Yet another person who has “something to prove.” Did you seriously consider Proyas a coward and weak? REALLY!?!? REALLY!?!? Why? Because Proyas isn’t interested in killing people WHO HAVE ALREADY SURRENDERED! And Kellhus was on board with that? Oh FUCK THAT. Yet another reason why Fanayal is the least of the Empire’s worries. Why should anyone negotiate or surrender if they’re going to get sacked anyway? Where is Conphas when you need him? I WISH he was still around to work with Fanayal. THAT would have made things so much better and interesting. But, NOOO, he just HAD to be killed off. BAH. And the condescending attitude towards Proyas! BLEAGH.

3. Serwa cannot see Sorweel. Oh dear. And it looks like the Emwama=hobbits/halflings. If that’s the case, then that’s an interesting deconstruction since halflings usually are NOT victimized in that way. Not from what I’ve seen. I mean, sure, some get into trouble, but I’ve never seen large groups of them end up enslaved. I’m not really disgusted. I just feel sorry for them. Looks like Moenghus is in the same situation as Cnaiur once was. Oh dear.

4. Looks like Theliopa is suspecting Kelmomas. Uh oh. I still love her clothes. I always want to see what she’s wearing next.

5. Give Esmenet credit where it is due. She did everything she could to help when things went South. In this case, she is doing the right thing, including wanting Fanayal dead because fuck him. No one cares. See, “it depends”. This is a much different situation and Fanayal has been a problem person for YEARS. TBH, I’m pretty sure that Momemn will win this one, but it will be at a heavy cost. Sort of a Pyrrhic victory. In the aftermath, I doubt Esmenet will be able to go after domestic problem people, much less the Fanim. ESPECIALLY is Scranc, the Consult and the No God (and the Skylvendi who worship him) manage to get down there.

And now, some trance:

The Great Ordeal 28% complete.

1. So…Kellhus/Proyas…OTP? Dear god…he went there. Holy shit…he went there. I, er, didn’t see that coming. I thought it was a goof. And Kellhus admitting that he’s tearing down Proyas in order to build him into what exactly? Someone who is going crazy? Or, someone who is no longer so damned zealous? Someone like Achamian? Proyas was drugged(with Chanv, which is cool, but it was done without consent and that shit is said to be a bit addictive), ate Scranc meat(which is obviously making people crazy), and then fucked in the ass. I don’t think he even got lubed, let alone get a reach around.

It would certainly explain his behavior afterward. I honestly found the scene with the rude Sauboun knights infuriating on every level. I know it’s because of my own modern sensibilities and my VERY socialist leanings, but it all seemed OFF to me. I was thinking “wow, Proyas is going a bit nuts.” I know those guys were doing things they weren’t supposed to be doing and yes, they WERE assholes, but that was SAUBON’S ISSUE. HIS problem. You’re there to see Saubon, not demand that some assholes not even in your direct command kneel and then REMAIN outraged when they finally do as Saubon says. Then again, he might be outraged because he knows it’s fake and only done to appease Saubon and not out of any respect for him, the Law, or Kellhus. You know Saubon fostered that attitude toward Proyas. Well, I think you know. :p

I know that Proyas is a real stickler about the Law and isn’t afraid of enforcing it, but I honestly think his behavior at that point obvious isn’t like him. Don’t get me wrong, he has NEVER tolerated horseshit from very many people(hell, I remember what he was like with KELLHUS in the Warrior Prophet), but this is different. Gee, I wonder why.

2. For all his faults, Saubon has it right by choosing knights for MERIT rather than bloodline. Honestly, I don’t think he will do shit to those guys. I don’t think he cares enough to bother. He’s just telling Proyas what he wants to hear. Otherwise, he would have done something AGES ago as such insolence to another EXALT-GENERAL didn’t happen overnight. Unless…scranc meat. Something I just realized: Saubon is INSOLENT in his own right(Proyas is very aware of this), so of course, he’s going pick similar people around him. It’s one of the reasons why he doesn’t get along with people outside of his own group.

Anyway, he figured out the Sranc meat. Saubon isn’t stupid and he proved that. As for the anti-gay stuff…well, a lot of that in such worlds/times is based on ignorance. It simply never occured to those people that someone like say, Cnaiur, could take dicks up his ass, ears, nose, mouth and dickhole and STILL be the “Most violent of men.” Beyond that, I don’t blame Saubon for being SHOCKED and appalled at what happened. I certainly was. Saubon is actually showing some of his old humanity here, and that’s a good thing.

However, I can’t see them getting closer together the way Proyas wants/hopes. They’re just too different.

3. Interesting and also a bit sad that Proyas still thinks of Achamian, but I don’t think Achamian has ever thought of him since the Thousand Fold Thought. Something tells me that Kellhus is setting up Proyas to meet Achamian again. Prophet, my ass, Kellhus WANTS Achamian to KNEEL because he is one of the few people Kellhus has little power over.

I can’t think of anything else right now. Honestly, only three people matter to me now: Proyas, Achamian and Mimara. Every one else can just vaporize.

Ah…now we are on to the best two characters ever with Proyas trailing behind (for now). Mimara and Achamian at Ishual. I have two words: JESUS CHRIST. Dunyain evil? In other news, water is wet and there is a hurricane heading to Tampa and probably heading to the Panhandle because that’s all I need.

Ehem…anyway, the shit about women are “lesser souls” and other such bullshit turned my eyes into slot machines. Let’s be real, how many women actually DO those things? I’d say…about 10% do all those things and are sincere. Even in the most patriarchal societies, I will guarantee you that some women did NONE of those things, provided NONE of those things, and only gave when they had something to gain/something in return (true altruism is VERY rare). AND THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT. I doubt it’s much different in Earwa. “Righteous demands”. Please. Cnaiur’s idea of “righteous” is MUCH different from say, Proyas’s. Lower their gaze? Are men gorillas? Yeesh.

Then again, judgement is based on what you know and what you can guess with the information you have. Sometimes, judgement can be very biased. So, even the Judging Eye might not be all that accurate.

However, I believe Mimara when she says that the Dunyain are EVIL in general. Those poor “Whale Mothers”. Obviously, they were women being kidnapped, mutilated, and then distorted into well…very big women. I guess they’re similar to Axlotol tanks of the Tleilax only the tanks were vegetative. Not here. These women were conscious and aware. WOW. Fate worse than death and body horror. To be evil though, you need ill will. I’m guessing most of the Dunyain do have that, but it’s very well controlled.

BOY is creepy. Survivor(Koheinghus, son of Kellhus) is well…OH MY GOD. WHAATT!!? And then it’s back to Momemn, a place I no longer give much of a shit about whoopie. Boy is probably Ko’s son. Awww…so Kellhus has a grandson. Like he gives a shit.

If it’s true that Kellhus is also evil, then…poor Proyas. He is so FUCKED. Kellhus dick would be the least of his worries. Might be why Kellhus is unraveling Proyas’s faith and he didn’t give him a reacharound. :(

The Great Ordeal. 47% Complete. Honestly, it feels like I’m flying through this one. Dayum.

1. Nonmen steal the show again and the Lastborn seems particularly interesting. Looks like the King is crazy. I’d say about half of them are completely gone. “Intact?” Whoa…Nonmen who are SANE? Oh, man. It sounds like a Catch-22 situation. I guess the King wants to stay moisturized considering how much oil he’s pouring on himself. Can you imagine these nutters being allies to the Great Ordeal? AHAHHAHHA! Disaster in the making.

2. So, the Dunyain were DONE in(get it? get it? lololol) by Nonmen Consult mages. Yea, I’m totally crying here. The feels. NOT. Still, the Survivor’s perspective is quite interesting and the situation with the Whale Mothers is clarified. The Dunyain women actually are DEAD (similar to Axlotol tanks). BUT, there’s no changing the fact that the Dunyain have been preparing to, well, “possess” the world for quite sometime. Like much of Earwa isn’t already enslaved. Still, I can’t help but think that the Dunyain in general would be much worse.

3. OH GREAT! Achamian is talking about “intercepting the Great Ordeal.” Oh! THAT’S going to be fun! I really don’t blame Mimara for wanting those guys dead. However, I do wonder how accurate the Judging Eye is though. Like I’ve said before, it could be based on biases or the fact that the person holding the Eye could be fooled somehow. If it’s like the Dragon Tear of BOF2, then, HELL! SHE’S RIGHT! If not, then that would complicate matters.

4. Achamian now sounds like the dancer in “Staying Alive.” “Every one uses everyone, don’t they?” Sorry, Akka. I’m on Mimara’s side here. As for using the Eye on Kellhus…well, you forget, Kellhus can manipulate pretty much anyone. It’s possible that the Judging Eye might not be the exception. Still, I want Akka to see Proyas again. I want some more fireworks.

5. Serwa? Meh. Real? Whatever. Anyway, Sorweel is getting interesting though. Looks like he’s the “White Luck Warrior” who is anointed.

The Great Ordeal 57% complete.

1. Lastborn is becoming among my favorites. And WOW! His backstory is sad, SAD, SAD. He was more than just a “Siqu” for Nil'Giccas, but a lover, it seems. Oh man. :( He claims that Kellhus is a savior, but of what, exactly? I wonder if a lot of people even WANT to be saved considering the kind of lives they must have on this Crapsack world. Course, if Earwa is anything like Earth, then maybe things will get better. Eventually…

I honestly don’t know what to think at this point. I’m really not #teamconsult though unless I’m in a foul mood. I know that their evil is beyond even Kellhus and the Dunyain, but lesser evil is still evil.

2. Saubon! Why do you have to be so Goddamned nasty!? Maybe that’s why Kellhus sent you to Dagliash! It’s because YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE! I swear, that song “I’m an asshole” has Saubon written all over it. He SPAT at PROYAS! AT PROYAS! Even Cnaiur wouldn’t have done that. But, poor Proyas lost all will to fight. :( But, what chance would he have? Kellhus does not want him at that fortress. There is a reason for this. There is a reason why he wants Saubon there.

3. Proyas! No weepers in the SLOG! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think crying is a weakness, but to do it in public is generally not a good idea unless you’re from a society/situation where it’s acceptable. This applies to ALL stations, not just Royalty. In a situation like that, you never EVER let Saubon see you even SWEAT, much less cry.

Proyas has very irritating faults. I admit that there have been times that I would have LOVED to boil him in oil, but what makes him so endearing is the fact that despite the zealotry, he really IS a good, humane person. He WANTS to be a a good person. That is totally true and it’s written out in the flying raft. He wanted to be righteous(an irritating word). It’s just that, imo, you can’t really be righteous by being a fanatic. But, that’s the thing about Proyas. HE IS INTENSE. That, to me, is painfully obvious. It’s why his desire to find the right path for him ended up being MY WAY OR NO WAY and found someone(Kellhus) to enforce that.

He FINALLY admits that. After Kellhus basically shattered him. The good things that come out of this though is that Proyas is no longer so zealous and that maybe he can FINALLY learn that people like Achamian CAN be good people. That it’s possible to be strong without using religion as a crutch. Proyas IS strong. He, and a lot of people, can do just fine without organized religion. Saubon can just kiss my ass with his “weak” shit. So can Kellhus at this point. He did NOT have to RAPE Proyas for ANY REASON. Maybe the “head on the pole behind him” is his sanity.

Let’s not forget the MEAT though. Yea, it’s making people a bit nutters. I’m not sure if it affected Kellhus in the same way, but even if it has, unraveling Proyas was being done long before THE MEAT. And really, what were they supposed to do? Eat each other?

I really fear for Proyas. Honestly, I envision him going out like Slave Knight Gael in Dark Souls III(awesome fight though). If he dies, then only Achamian and Mimara will keep me “in”, so to speak. Lastborn too if he lasts long enough.

Beyond that, don’t be damned, Proyas please. Please be among the “saved”, like Mimara. Unless, of course, you’re taking over Hell just to lord it over Saubon and Conphas.

Oh yea, that’s a hell for Saubon. Trap him in a room with CONPHAS. Hell is, according to existentialist philosophy, other people.

I just have so much to say about Proyas, but I feel like I’ll just be redundant. PROYAS MUST NOT COME TO HARM! So says Cnaiur and so do I!

The Great Ordeal 68% Complete.

1. Sorry, but I’m a bit over Esmenet. Yes, we GET IT. She keeps thinking and saying the same things over and over again. Yes, the writing is beautiful, but COME ON. There is a siege going on and THIS IS IT? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s BORING. If only it was Fanayal AND Conphas. That would have made things more interesting, but NOOOOO. It’s snoozefest over there.

2. Over Kelmomas too. Watching a guy shit. Eat apples. Becoming a pawn of Ajokli. ZZZZZZZZ. BOOO! BOOO! Be more funny!

3. NOOO! Lastborn! NOOO! Damnit! I had hoped that he didn’t actually die, but this death was made pretty clear! Fuck! He was such a compelling character too! BOOOO!! Sorweel looks down for the count too. When the father was described as “TALL”, they weren’t lying. Dayum. And he sets the world on FIRE! HE IS PISSED! He is going to kill EVERY ONE! Yea, he wasn’t happy when he found out that the king sold out to the Consult. Oh dear oh dear…

4. That whole mountain is like an insane Asylum gone amok. Hell, ALL of the mountains are. Jesus…Still, the whole thing was fascinating as fuck. That boat should be an amusement park ride. ;) What a read…and honestly, that Holy area reminded me of the Dark Brotherhood in Elder Scrolls. They like silence very much. Sounds like a peaceful area though. Poor Sorweel…living the experience of another Nonman, one who had a male lover too and then seeing that male lover as nothing but a wreck. So sad…and that lover would have killed him because that’s what insane Nonmen do. Yea, karma took a HUGE shit on the Nonmen.

5. Eariler on, Kellhus admits that Proyas always had most of his attention. Not even Esmenet had that honor. Would certainly explain a lot. Seems like quite a few people have wanted/want Proyas. I can understand why. Still, what happened to him is unfortunate. :(

6. I found out that a redditor had this theory that the “Head on the pole behind him” is actually Kellhus’s emotions. Seems that the Gods NOM on the souls of the emotional. Since Kellhus is Dunyain, he is “half-dead” and so cannot be nommed. If the Gods of Earwa are anything like the God Hand of Berserk, then this means that their power stems from emotions (well, certain emotions), so by eliminating emotion in general, the Gods basically starve. Faith is a food of the gods too, of course, but that’s nothing new. Then again, Gods nomming on anything is hardly new.

Just a theory though. Looks like I’m not the only one with the Shijima theory as a Dunyain/Kellhus goal. Honestly, it SOUNDS great, but there would be no room for the passionate in such a world. Meh…still too many unknowns or something I’m missing.

The Great Ordeal 76% Complete. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD….

1. Welp. Told ya, Saubon. Go to hell. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200$ And above all, DON’T TRUST KELLHUS. Hey, you said it yourself about your “Might makes Right” attitude and how it’s “built on lies”. Honestly, he has more in common with Conphas than he will ever care to admit. The difference is that Saubon appreciates those mightier than himself(even if he wants to ‘conquer greatness’), but Conphas never did. It’s why Saubon can get away with being a “non believer” and Conphas was thrown out. I guess there’s also the fact that Saubon was good at going through the motions and killing lots of people without thinking he’s an actual God. I will always have some kind of respect for him. Need someone to kill 'em all and salt the Earth? He is THE ONE. That, and that fact that he goes by merit rather than bloodline. I will always like that.

For Saubon fans, if there’s any consolation, he won’t be lonely. He’ll FINALLY belong(something I think he ALWAYS wanted, only he just HAD to be the most important) and he’ll see that witch he liked so much. LOL. WHEW.

That whole sequence was a bit hard to follow, but WOW. What a payoff. What I don’t understand is why Saubon and his knights were up that tower when Kellhus TOLD them to RUN. Am I missing something? Maybe he COULDN’T get out? Trapped? All I know that they were fighting that tower while witches were falling and then FWOOOOOSH–NUKE in a “coffer”. DAYUM.

I love how the sranc and the humans hesitated. Would have been hilarious if they ALL ran. LOLOL! NUKE–the great unifier.

Couldn’t actually take the fort? Just nuke it! The Kellhus way! The “Shortest Path” indeed. Man, Saubon was SO set up. At least that’s how I see it. :/

2. Oh Proyas. His “full throttle” quality will never change. I actually had dreams of him driving a truck and gunning it every chance he got. Kayutas is next to him, actually impressed. Instead, he is driving a PONY(poor Pony). Kayutas is next to him, suddenly finding him interesting. Proyas has always been interesting, but I do agree that he has become even more interesting now that he is disillusioned and traumatized by being assraped.

So, Proyas’s love for Kayutas mirrors Achamian’s love for him. Awww…only difference is that Kayutas is one who likely does not hate at all. Kellhus, jr.

I’m sure Proyas’s wife and kids are happy that he ended up spending more time with Kayutas than with them. Sure, they’d be equally happy to find that Kayutas saved his bacon. Proyas, it’s okay to ease off the gas pedal every once in awhile. Even as you’re high on “MEAT CRACK.”

3. Yea, not every one can be saved. That’s reality. Some people don’t want to be saved. That’s reality too. A good thing? Suuuure, if you’re among the “saved.”

The Great Ordeal 83% Complete.


“Welcome to Dagliash, the worst place in the world.” Christ…

TBH, I was starting to get a little annoyed with weepy Proyas, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really don’t blame him. NO ONE has seen anything like this. EVER. And it’s not like the modern era of planet Earth where radiation sickness can actually be treated(well, as long as it’s not in the “end of life stage”). They knew nothing of this:

All Kellhus knew was that they were “polluted”(yea, that’s putting it mildly) and they had to be kept away from those who were contaminated as radiation can spread. He also knew that the people who weren’t contaminated needed to GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE. Well, no shit.

Honestly, the whole thing bothered me more than it should. I KNEW that “culling” had to be done as many of them were dying anyway or will within a couple of weeks. I think the problem was that NO ONE had the power to do anything but keep some semblance of order, clean up the area as best they can, and try to do something for the dying while the main Host leaves. You KNOW this tore Proyas up. He can’t even offer comfort, something he did while his soldiers suffered in the Carathay desert, much less do anything else, except take what is left of the Host and head for a place even worse: GOLGOTTERATH.

It’s just the fact that these “Scalded” in the “Slough” are dying terrible deaths and they KNOW it. This stuck with me ALL DAMNED DAY. Even brain bleach(Opie and Anthony, Terraria, some “cloud psychic” nut) only did so much. I even felt a bit weepy myself after awhile. We will never see “The Scalded” again. Not alive. Not even Hoga Horim or whatever his name is. He took charge, which is fine. Most people were fine with him and their fates, even better. “It was simply the way.” Yup. Makes sense. These people knew that they wouldn’t even be able to help themselves, much less anyone else. It’s just sad.

Talk about doing whatever it takes, Consult.

And now we have the Walking Dead following the main host. Damn…that guy’s not giving up. Proyas will soon be facing a Zombie Apocalypse. I’m sure that’ll end well. Riiiight.

So, it all falls to Proyas now. This’ll be the first time since before Kellhus’ Circumfixtion that’s he been the main leader. I think he’ll do just fine as he has no problem with sticking his foot up the asses of shitheads if he has to, but unlike Saubon, it’s tempered with compassion. Or about as much compassion as a broken, ruined, Scranc eating crazy person can have. You think Saubon would shed a single tear for what happened? I doubt it. He wouldn’t be happy, but he sure as hell wouldn’t be weeping.

As for the Desert Lions, I think it’s safe to say that they died with Saubon. I think that’s for the best as they clearly preferred him over Proyas. Would have been interesting for at least one of them to adjust to a different kind of leader, but from what I’ve read, they were nasty to every one EXCEPT for Saubon.

2. So, Survivor does not survive. He kills himself because he realizes that he is broken and that the Logos is bullshit. Hey, anything taken to extremes is generally pretty bad. Sometimes, it’s okay to take the “scenic route”. Still, he is forgiven, whatever that means. He had an interesting perspective, had the right idea about the crackie, and it ended too soon. But, now, Achamian, Mimara and the boy can see Dalgiash. OHHH! Don’t go there! That place is bad news!!

Hopefully, Achamian will see Proyas again. That’s going to be fun, I’m sure.

The Great Ordeal: Complete. Now on to the Unholy Consult(I am dreading this…)

1. CNAIUR! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! He wasn’t actually dead! YES YES YES! He’s as crazy as ever! And poor Mimara NAILED him! I don’t know about being heroic without Moenghus, but I know that he wouldn’t have been so damned that he might as well use Guts’ Berserker Armor at all times.

Yea, Cnaiur, sometimes I agree with you: LET EVERYTHING BURN. I WISH the Consult actually did his bidding instead of trying to pull wool over his eyes. That would have been so fitting seeing as the Scalvendi worship the No God.

If I read it right, looks like Cnaiur wanted to be present to watch Ishual burn. He wanted the Dunyain boy DEAD. He STILL wants Kellhus dead and he is going after Achamian and Mimara to make sure that happens. “Let them go…” Yea, sure he did. I love how Mimara was able to stand up to Cnaiur as best she could. Honestly, I think she saved Akka’s bacon. Then again, I think Cnauir knows that it’s in his interest to keep both of them alive, especially with the “Eye” that he would love to pluck out, I’m sure.

Scylvendi shadowing the Ordeal? Did I read that right? Gee, I wonder why… I’m sure they’ll “help”. Suuure.

2. I know what Achamian is up to. He knows that there are exceptions to EVERYTHING and he’s accepting the possibility that Kellhus might BE the exception. He just wants to be certain. But, even if Kellhus WAS the exception, I wish he would keep in mind what KIND of world is being saved. What would happen AFTER? Surely, he has to think of this. But, I don’t blame Mimara for being a bit irritated.

3. OH! Momenm not boring this time around! HOORAY! Three people killed by Kellhus in one fell swoop. Meppa is not dead though. There’s obviously a reason why he’s kept around. Honestly, it all feels kind of cheap though. I was quite interested in the Zeum sorcery. Didn’t get to see much of that at all. For shame. Poor Sorcerer too because he’s know stuck in that demon head, if I read that right. Poor Zsoronga, but I think that chorae Sorweel gave him will help. I haven’t forgotten that. It looks like the actual king will be the first target though. Will have to see.

4. Nanaferri, I hardly knew you or really cared at this point. Full blown wackaloon and yes, I’m pretty sure Yatwer foresaw it just like it’s obvious that SHE caused those quakes. Nanaferri knew that they were all going to die, but not how. As for the White Luck Warrior, well, that was unfortunate. Esmenet is now a complete mess now that Thelli is dead and she FINALLY realized the truth about Kelmomas. Kellhus isn’t pleased with her either. I actually got very nervous when she went into the audience hall because I thought she would be killed there. Didn’t happen, but I have a feeling that Esmenet will not end well. Who am I kidding? NO ONE will end well. :(

5. Now for the Unholy Consult and I am dreading it. But, this is a series that I would like to finish even though I know that it will no doubt be heartbreaking. The Death Gate Cycle was the last “epic” series I finished and that was MANY years ago. I guess things really do happen for a reason. I started this when my hard drive failed and didn’t have a desktop for close to two weeks.
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