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Colour me horrified.

But... It is what it is. Seize the cheese, Du.

EDIT: The link is to a free draft but since the story is published in a philosophy journal I just thought I'd include their warning. Classic Bakker.

--- Quote ---Editorial note: The following story contains explicit sexual violence which some readers might find offensive or upsetting. In our judgment, the elements of the story that make it possibly offensive or upsetting are essential to the philosophical aims of the story.
--- End quote ---

Pretty good story there. Something like that provides enough context for my chimp brain to comprehend the little afterward.

Anyways reminds me of neuropath taken a few steps farther. For me, bring on the cheese.

This link works too, if above breaks:

Read it yesterday, it really got under my skin.  Disturbing and powerful, in Bakker's usual way.  I gave my significant other a breakdown of it last night and we had a talk about it for some time.

I wouldn't mind seeing it fleshed out into something larger, as some short stories sometimes are.  But it stands very well on its own for the format.  I guess I could see some of these issues covered in Neuropath but I've always been wary that it might be too fucked up for me.

I'm always intrigued by the interplay between nature, choice, and the self/soul and it's pretty fitting how their screaming match over it gets cut short by what happens at the climax.

I think it gets under the skin because, at least to me, it seems like a very human response to the whole situation.
This is how people would act.

Garet Jax:

--- Quote from: Bolivar on November 26, 2015, 02:55:49 am ---I gave my significant other a breakdown of it last night and we had a talk about it for some time.

--- End quote ---

Good stuff.  Reads like the Bakker I love and miss.

Can't wait to chat with the wife about it tonight, Bolivar.


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