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The Vulgar Holy War: tabletop prototype

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That is.. beautiful, I wants one!

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Thanks everyone. I will post major updates on here, which could take some time...

@Wilshire The IP aspect... I would love to keep it set in the PoN universe, but if that isnt possible I will probably just make a more generic one. The 3D printers, yea, did not even know that was an option. If I went to a board game convention, I figured making all of the clay pieces would set me apart from the others. I will send you a PM for the rules and such.

I've known a few people who have asked to check if such things would be ok, and I haven't heard of anyone being denied. Its just a courtesy and a due diligence thing.

Have you considered taking it to Gen Con?

I don't know where you live or how feasible it would be, but its in August in Indianapolis.

Its a large gaming convention, and they even have a dedicated playtest section for pre-retail games: http://www.gencon.com/host/2017feph

--- Quote ---The FEPH is scheduled in 2-hour sessions throughout the weekend, from 8 am until midnight each day (closing at 2 pm on Sunday). All manner of games are welcome, including card, board, dice, miniature, story, role-playing, etc.

Players can get tickets for individual sessions just like any other event when event registration opens on May 28, 2017. Or, please just show up onsite, and you'll usually be able to be seated for a game.

For presenters, a package of four 2-hour sessions is $300(includes 2 GM badges) and a package of eight 2-hour sessions (4 GM badges) costs $600.
Applications will be open online through July 21st; after that date, you can go to the FEPH room onsite to determine if there are spaces still available.
--- End quote ---

So, a bit pricey, especially if you're out of town, but maybe worth it depending on where you're at in the process.

Thank you Wilshire. That's actually exactly what I was looking for. Something to kick myself into gear, I need to have a better pitch to sell the game for new people.


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