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Unholy Consultation - *SUPER SPOILERIFIC*

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--- Quote from:  Cu'jara Cinmoi --- The tapestry is ancient, and it's significance is unknown to Kellhus. As for THE NO-GOD, I have scads of snippets centering mostly on individual characters, but I still have a huge amount of decisions to make.
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Well, lets all put baby Kellhus to rest now, thank God. Thanks for responding. Nice to see you around again!

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MSJ, that was THE opportunity to say 'thanks to no god'

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I know you will not spoil future books. But alot of speculation on Kellhus, is he the other decapitant, in the Outside and so on and so on. My question, is if he is dead, he did make it to the Outside, correct?

Also, will there be a time jump in the next series or will it pick up where we left off?

Hi Mr. Bakker, huge congratulations on finishing The Aspect Emperor.  I thought the final book was the best of the lot.

If it isn't too spoiler-y, can you let us know what the image of Kellhus that everyone sees floating down from the Horn is?  It seems clear that the Judging Eye sees the Carapace beneath it, but what was making it ever look like Kellhus was there?  Was it the same kind of Tekne that the Mutilated used to project an image of Shae in the Golden Room, or was something else at work?

The No-God  :o , and ZDC confirmation  ;D. A great day. Thanks for coming by .


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--- Quote from: Woden on July 28, 2017, 06:31:06 pm ---The digestion is improving, day after day, but it's like eating a mammoth, it isn't easy to hunt it, eat it and digest it.

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You forgot to mention the hot sauce...

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The sauce is a hellish mix of chili and wasabi, but I really liked it, maybe in a masochistic "srancky" way (my fault), anyway I'm eager for more.

Congrats for the book, I never read something like TUC. I'm still stunned.

--- Quote from: Wilshire on July 28, 2017, 07:02:43 pm ---The No-God  :o , and ZDC confirmation  ;D. A great day. Thanks for coming by .

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Yes, great indeed, thank you, Mr. Bakker, you have made may day.


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