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Guns and the British empire

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--- Quote from: Lonnie Slidell on June 17, 2018, 01:59:24 pm ---In what ways is this similar to modern efforts by the United States and other 'nuclear powers' to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons technology to nations such as Iran and North Korea?

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I think nuclear breaks all rules and has no comparison to anything given it's extinction level capabilities. All nations should de-denuclearize and this may sound crazy, but the USA should consider leading by example and clean up our own back yard first if that what it takes to get others to follow suit. I do not feel we, as a species, sport the competence and maturity to ensure no accidental or intentional wars break out with the usage of nuclear weapons. Sorry to shit all over your point, but I would be warmer to your perspective if you brought up any other example outside of nuclear weapons.


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