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Which POV(s) are you looking forward to the most during TNG?

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I though this would be a good idea, it occurred to me after creating the death predictions thread.
I'm still counting Malowebi as a possible returning POV because he still retained awareness after Kellhus died, meaning he could very well live on as a severed head.
I'm also assuming KelSammi (what I started calling the Kelmomas-with-Samarmas'-soul entity) will no longer be a POV as the No-God.
Also not counting the Omniscient POV because I want this poll to be character-based (and I assume no one would pick that one anyway).

Mostly hoping for MUTILATED POVs


--- Quote from: TLEILAXU on May 22, 2018, 07:16:47 pm ---Mostly hoping for MUTILATED POVs

--- End quote ---

So am I (just want to think on this for a bit more before casting my own votes).

That would fall under "other" because I only made individual options for characters who had already had POVs, but I think you got that. ;)

My Other vote is for Mutilated ( Shae? ) POV's.

Okay, finally made up my mind on this:
-Moënghus, because I'm very curious to see how he'll cope with the events of TUC (he was still concerned about Kayûtas and Serwa's well being at the end, and likely has no idea what happened to them...), living among the Scylvendi and dealing with Cnaiür's legacy.
-Other - the Mutilated, I really hope we get the POV of at least one of them (whether they're really Shae or not). There are definitely many interesting things to be told there...
-New characters - I would love to get a POV from a) someone in Zeüm (preferably Likaro) and/or b) Nersei Miramis (Proyas' wife). Hopefully both. I know these could both count as "Other - returning characters", but unlike the Mutilated, we've only heard mentions of them, we've never actually seen them on page. So I'm counting them as "new".


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