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I have been struggling processing some of the philosophical points of TUC

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Unrepentant Schoolman:
Thank you for the welcome!  I am enjoying everyone's input. 

Philosophy and concepts like this are ones that never really entered my sphere of thought.  Being a hard science student I rarely ventured into this realm but have always been a tad bit curious.  When I started reading Bakker and these concepts started arising I was drawn in. 

The philosophy of Object versus Subject is something I wasn't explicitly exposed to until reading Bakker and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Thank you for the refresher of who Koringhus was ... there was a long gap between the readings of the Great Ordeal and Unholy Consult.

One thing I realize is reading these books before bed isn't the best way to enjoy them.  One needs to have his brain functioning fully and not be sleep addled.

It is time reread them.


--- Quote from: Unrepentant Schoolman on January 14, 2019, 07:31:50 pm ---It is time reread them.

--- End quote ---

Have you done a re-read at all yet?
I'd have to say, my second read through the series (ie my first re-read, which was right after WLW) was my favorite. The world really open up after you've wrapped your head around the basic names/places/events.

Also, for what its worth, I don't think most people who have come and gone from this forum (and if that's any indication then the larger readership that Bakker has) had a much/any exposure to philosophy. Bakker explores the stuff via fantasy/scifi in a way that I haven't seen elsewhere.

Lonnie Slidell:
Have you spent any time on Scott's Three Pound Brain blog?


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