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While previously, these rules were not explicitly stated, at this juncture such rules will now be codified.

Our Community Standards:

1.) We do not allow any form of, or intimations of, racism or sexism, nor comments or critiques of any gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation or religion as matters of disparagement, discrimination, or vilification.  In other words, don't bother speaking of, or referencing, anyone's race, gender, orientation, or religion as matters of discrimination: these are not topics for discussion.

2.) We do not tolerate threats, intimations, or expressions of "desire" for violence or harm to anyone, for any reason.  Not directed at members of the board, other boards, or any people, past, present or future.  This also extends to inanimate objects, at Staff discretion.  In other words, don't bother speaking of harming, desiring to see harmed, anyone or anything.

3.) Be respectful and polite.  If you are not sure if a message would be respectful of other members, or the community here, do not post it.  If you are uncertain what a "polite" manner of speaking is/would be, speak to any Staff member before posting.  There is no reason to ever be uncivil here.  Therefore, don't be.  If you have an issue with a member, bring it to Staff attention.  If you have an issue with Staff, bring it to another Staff member.  If you have an issue with the entire Staff, then this just might not be the site for you.

4.) We don't tolerate any conduct not included in the above mentioned that is deemed "unbecoming of the Community."  What does this mean?  At Staff discretion, any behavior detrimental to the community's existence, continued existence, or functionality will be met with Staff action.

Violation of these rules can and will be subjected to, but not limited to, message deletion or editing.  Repeat or egregious violations will result in further action, up to and including, account termination and subsequent banning.

We thank all members for their continued adherence to the above rules.  If you have any questions or concerns, your Staff members are Wilshire, Madness and H.


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