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Blog Post from Bryan Bakker (03 June 2022)


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--- Quote ---What's Going On With Scott Now?

For those interested in the now, some have commented on the fact that Scott has been quiet online in recent years. Suffice it to say he has gone through a lot. His singular focus right now is raising his daughter and building his family's future.

As for the future of the series, I've heard him say two things, over the years, about how the Second Apocalypse should end:

    One was that there would be a third trilogy outlining the blow by blow of 'you know who's' rise. I know outlines exist for such a story, but just outlines.

    The other is that the story is finished. That 'The Unholy Consult', is a fitting way to end a sprawling epic about the death of meaning.

For my part, I can't help but to think that this massive story was where Scott's creative life began and, it would not surprise me if, after his real life trials are complete, he doesn't return to it, before the end.

Like a favourite old coat - warm and comfortable - and smelling of sulfur (:

Sometimes, life does come full circle.

Thanks for reading.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for this. I was thinking its been, what, 5 years since TUC was published? I think the books can end as they are but i would like to see more as i felt that TUC was not what was promised by Scott.

But its good to get an update and i hope Scott and his life go well regardless of whether he writes another word or not.

Life ebbs and flows. Maybe once he's empty-nesting in a dozen years or so he'll be getting bored and will start writing again.

The story will be written.


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