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Mark Lawrence Critiques First Pages

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Post for us. Help foster a writer's community. It may only be a few of us posting (admittedly my posts are sporadic and short at best), but lots of people are reading. There is no reason we shouldn't be able to capitalize on the like-minded crowd we have here

Meh... maybe. Though, I'll gladly send you the first couple chapters.

It's pretty rough, though. Most of it was written before or in the first couple years of university and hasn't really been touched up yet. I did retouch the Prologue, Page 1 when I sent it to Lawrence and, obviously, as per his comments that still needs much work :).

His job is to be ruthless. In any case, post what ever you're comfortable with.

I don't mind doing a chapter reading for you on the side though  ;)

We had something like this in one of our magazines, back at the end of the last millenium ;-) People would send their stories (these were stories mostly) to the magazine and one well-known writer would read them and publish his comments in the next issue. This went like "A.B. from C. - your story is this or that". And since he was a very good writer, his comments were witty and fun to read, even if you never sent him anything.

Lol - there is something special lost in the fall of serial magazines. The medium is just inseparable from the story told.


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