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Unholy Consultation - *SUPER SPOILERIFIC*

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Well, I'm not Bakker, but I'll give it a shot - the "un-mutilated" mutilated could well pose "superior" as he/she/it appears unharmed ( will refer to as "he" heretofore for ease of conversation ). But then again, maybe not - could be a lot of things:

* He was easier to trap/subjugate
* He was an inside man ( we have zero details on the approach to the Ishual battle/war, could be Consult turned one of them before going in )
* Could've been one of the first engaged and was surprised, so was subdued before he could escape
* He could be Shae
* He could've been re-architect-ed with Techne
* He could've surrendered serving as a poison pill ( and could still be acting in that capacity )
And the list goes on. Interesting that the most fascinating battle/war was barely covered as a recollection ... any additional detail on that conflict along with more insight to who/what the mutilated are in the next books will be butta for me.

A lot of neat theories. Yea, I say the mutilated are the best thing Bakker has going forward, intrigue wise.

I like the idea that he was an inside man, or the first to surrender to Mek atop Ishual, while Mek waxed poetically about the Ark, Consult and the IF. What a scene that would've been !

Though, I thoroughly believe the mutilated to be Shae.


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