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Stuff To Blow Your Mind: Bonus: R. Scott Bakker, Consciousness & Consult

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TUC SPOILERS - Spoilers actually begin at 53:40 (26:25 remaining).

Fuck yes!

Surprise bonus Bakker podcast from Lamb & McCormick!

Much happier with this episode than I was with their last interview of Bakker.

Interesting discussion for people more interested than I regarding holocaust zombies/animals suffering. Though, personally, I think treating animals with respect and compassion should have more to do with preserving animals occupying a constituent space in the hierarchy of the biosphere - see many indigenous cultures and their reverence and use of hunt animals.

Lurking readers are bound to misinterpret even this small preface by me but great dig at readers: "pressing [readerly] moral intuitions to their breaking point" by cuing/subverting their intuitions.

Interesting discussion to be had regarding how we seem to easily look at things and attribute to them consciousness; see Bakker's reference of the Heider-Simmel Illusion: http://www.all-about-psychology.com/fritz-heider.html (Bakker's gets a little specific erroneously for no reason in his exposition on that, unfortunately).

One of my favorite topics called back to shades of neuropath (except now Bakker's moved from fears of big data advertising better selling us things to those same entities creating low-level AI (algorithms) to figure out how to better get us to buy, vote, live, whatever).

As above and in Quorum, I think this is the first time Bakker's publicly given a fairly succinct elaboration of how he's been using terms like cognitive ecologies/social cognitive ecology/social cognitive pollution/human social ecology, and how AI (algorithms) are a manifest "invasive species" - Bakker has long thought this stuff far clearer to people than it actually seems to be... might warrant a thread.

Big Spoilers - damn... Lmao - the spoiler warnings come AFTER major spoilers about the world and the God. For the later listeners, the spoilers begin at 53:40 (26:25 remaining).

Of course, I think Bakker classically undersells himself regarding how much narrative he may or may not have planned for TNG, considering all the comments he's already made publicly online. Also, colour me confused regarding how Bakker can have a "trilogy planned" from teenage years but somehow convince himself that a third series was necessary given his stated narrative plotting therein - to be honest, it sounds like he just thought trilogies were cool ;).

Really happy to hear about The Enlightened Dead and that he'll rewrite The Lollipop Factory (over half completed - which he wasn't clear about before).

Looking forward to reading other thoughts.

Haha was just dropping into my favourite places to find something to listen to while i do my dailies on world of warcraft. Absolutely perfect material.

No need for further searching now :)

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing the link.

I ran a volume boost on the mp3, hopefully now I'll be able to hear it all now and get to listen to it completely.


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