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Starting this thread off Q conversation, here are some miniatures I had professionally painted. The first 3 are from a game called Kingdom Death: Monster. 2 and 3 are the same figure painted by 2 different artists. The 4th is from Malifaux.


Great stuff.  I'll try to get some pictures of some of my Warhammer stuff up eventually.

I'm learning to play a new board game I got with my oldest son ( he's almost 15 years old ) called Lobotomy - it's about you're a patient in an insane asylum and trying to escape. The Warden figure is worth the price of the game, one of the funniest figures ever made. Mind you, the Warden doesn't actually look like this, of course - he's just a human. This is how the Warden appears to you, as a delusionary phycho trying to escape the hospital, LOL! You have to kill "monsters" who are just other people and staff with "weapons" which may just be a potted plant for which you think is a gun. Clever game.


Awesome stuff, Tao. Would definitely love to see your Warhammer figures, H. Kinda wish I had gotten into it as a kid, I don't have the time or space for it now but it's always awesome seeing what other people have done with the figures.

Completely forgot about this thread. Will have some pix coming up soon.


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