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I am starting this thread for anyone who wants to delve a little deeper into the aesthetics and/or the "Tekne" of the music in which he/she is interested. "Tekne" talk could range from the tech of musical instruments (love the Moog synthesizer!) to virtuosity to music theory.

I'm a very inactive amateur pianist these days, but I still have some  vestigial chops. I think my ear is improving, simply due to the fact that I listen to so much music. Right now, I'm listening to a compilation of Mozart piano concertos pretty steadily and I'm gaining an appreciation for the brilliance of the classical formal structure. Three movements; fast-slow-fast; each movement states a theme, develops it, then returns to it. That's a wild oversimplification, of course, and there are other formal structures (suite based on dance forms, e.g.). But one always knows where one is and where one is going. Timeless music.

Not sure I could keep up with such a conversation anymore but...

- I started with piano for a year and a half, got skilled enough to play limited recitals at 9.
- Did violin for a year at 10-11, played a bunch of concerts with the other students under my teacher.
- Did various orchestral percussion camps for a couple summers.
- A different instrument/section almost every semester I was enrolled in high school: percussion, trombone, alto-sax, flute, trumpet, violin again.
- Tried to re-up on the violin in my second year of university and did a full year elective credit but didn't stick with it thereafter.
- Took four years of private electric bass lessons throughout as well.

I pretty much was imbued with the Baroque period when I was a kid.

I don't want to give the impression that some level of technical accomplishment is necessary to participate in the conversation. Deep end, shallow end; just jump in!

Although, if it somehow gets to Three Pound Blog level of difficulty....I'd be rummaging around for my old music theory texts: "As Fux in 'Counterpoint' declares....". No, no, no....let's just talk music!

I'm thinking the thread could be more leisurely than the "Obligatory Music Thread". More long-form posts. That allows the OMT to be a home for quick recommendations (emphasizing the "now").

I play guitar. I'm really bad at it, but slowly improving. I have no songs yet, only a couple of riffs I need to stitch together.


--- Quote from: TLEILAXU on January 29, 2018, 03:41:00 am ---I play guitar. I'm really bad at it, but slowly improving. I have no songs yet, only a couple of riffs I need to stitch together.

--- End quote ---
Are you playing acoustic guitar, or electric? Either way, stick with it. Listen to other guitarists. Copy from the good, steal from the best, then make it your own.

Stitching riffs together....ahhh, that's where the shit gets interesting! (Sometimes that's where the shit hits the fan, but hey, that's showbiz!)


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