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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Wilshire ---Looking for people to help immortalize some of Bakker's more interesting quotes from each book, so I am making this and similar topics for each book. There is the site, called wikiquotes, that is essentially for quoting your author, so Truth Shines' idea was that we could compile a large list of quotes and make a pretty epic page for Bakker.


If you'd like to see any quotes added, post them here and me or someone else will hopefully get around to putting them up on the wiki. Also, if possible, provide the page number, who said it, and the edition (including country).
--- End quote ---

What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Wilshire ---"Things holy ... became mere versions of things unholy ... as though the words "holy" and "unholy" were as easily exchanged as seats at a gaming table. And the recent simply became a more tawdry repetition of the ancient."
Drusas Achamian, Page 39 (USA Paperback edition)

"Achamian had crisscrossed the Three Seas, had seen many of those things that had once made his stomach flutter with supernatural dread, and he knew now that childhood stories were always better"
Drusas Achamian, Page 39 (USA Paperback edition)

"Avarice, it seemed to him, was the world's only dimension."
Drusas Achamian, Page 39 (USA Paperback edition)

"There was nothing the ignorant prized more than the ignorance of others ."
Drusas Achamian, Page 43 (USA Paperback edition)

"Above all the mighty detest change"
Drusas Achamian, Page 57 (USA Paperback edition)

"Answers are like opium: the more you imbibe, the more you need. Which is why the sober man finds solace in mystery."
Ikurei Conphas, Page 190 (USA Paperback edition)

"War is intellect"
Ikurei Conphas, Page 190 (USA Paperback edition)

"Some events mark us so deeply that they find more force of presence in their aftermath than in their occurrence."
Cnaiur, Page 191 (USA Paperback edition)

" 'But measure' the slave replies 'is not something accomplished and then forgotten, Skiotha. Old measure is merely grounds for the new. Measure is unceasing."
'The Slave', Page 192 (USA Paperback edition)

"Complicity makes unforgettable, carves scenes with unbearable clarity, as though the extent of condemnation is to be found in the precision of detail."
Cnaiur, Page 192 (USA Paperback edition)

"With his own feet, the dead chased him."
Cnaiur, Page 193 (USA Paperback edition)

"The young can never see life for what it is: a knife's edge, as thing as the breaths that measure it. What gives it depth isn't memory. I've memories enough for ten men, and yet my days are as thin and as shadowy as the greased linen the poor stretch over their windows. No, what gives life depth is the future. Without a future, without a horizon of promise or threat, our lives have no meaning. Only the future is real"
Skeaos, Page 240 (USA Paperback edition)

"He wondered whether the old drab had taken Skeaos as a lover. Likely, he concluded, and winced at the accompanying image. Like a prune fucking a twig, he thought"
Ikurei Conphas, Page 240 (USA Paperback edition)

"There was something curiously pathetic, he thought, about the notion of the man plotting with his grandmother, like two beggars sneering at those too poor to give more than coppers."
Ikurei Conphas, Page 241 (USA Paperback edition)

"Stupid men, Conphas had found, tended to be excessively proud of their few brilliant moments."
Ikurei Conphas, Page 246 (USA Paperback edition)

"In desperate times, Cnaiur knew, men rationed nothing so jealously as tolerance, They were more strict in their interpretations of custom and less forgiving of uncommon things"
Cnaiur, Page 369 (USA Paperback edition)
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: lockesnow ---
--- Quote from: chapter eight ---For an instant, Conphas felt like a thief, the hidden author of a great loss. And the exhilaration he felt almost possessed a sexual intensity. He saw clearly now why he so loved this species of war. On the field of battle, his every act was open to the scrutiny of others. Here, however, he stood outside scrutiny, enacted destiny from a place that transcended judgment or recrimination. He lay hidden in the womb of events.

Like a God.
Bakker, R. Scott (2008-09-02). The Darkness that Comes Before (The Prince of Nothing) (p. 252). Penguin Group. Kindle Edition.
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--- Quote from: chapter nine ---Often, in his soul's eye, she was inexplicably thin and wild, buffeted by rain and winds, obscured by the swaying of forest branches. This woman, who had once lifted her hand to the sun, holding it so that for him its light lay cupped in her palm, and telling him that truth was air, was sky, and could only be claimed, never touched by the limbs and fingers of a man. He couldn't tell her how profoundly her musings affected him, that they thrashed like living things in the wells of his soul and gathered stones about them.

Bakker, R. Scott (2008-09-02). The Darkness that Comes Before (The Prince of Nothing) (p. 266). Penguin Group. Kindle Edition.
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The latter might be one of my favorite pieces of writing of RSB's
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Wilshire ---*gasp* a reply!

those are good, I'll put them up later this week, though could you add who is talking or the POV?

Also, the RSB "Person Page" is 'finished'. Or at least I'm more or less done with it. If anyone would like to make it prettier, would like to add anything, or would like to change the sample quotes, please feel free.
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: lockesnow ---Conphas and Achamian, respectively.
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