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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Triskele ---Does anyone have any actual insight as to whether this is likely to give any kind of sales bump?  I'm rooting for him, but who knows.

I've always also wondered if the success of Game of Thrones will have some long term impact.  More and more folks keep reading ASOIAF and then perhaps more and more folks as the "What else?" question and some of them inevitably find Second Apocalypse.  At least one can hope.
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Madness ---I think its likely. A statistical rule like the more simple, the more likely is probable - the now hundred and eighty members (:)) of this forum cannot represent the demographic for publishing and translation across, I think, seventeen languages at last count. Though, we are the pith. The easier it is for people to buy things, after all... least Bakker might make them think twice about the next things they buy.

The domain name will consolidate certain portions of the Bakker demographic and new readers who aren't interested in TPB or our fledgling noosphere here at Second Apocalypse. is the quick and dirty for all things Bakker. Traffic stats probably tell a more specific story, as you weren't necessarily asking for social guesswork.

Lol, I'll damn well be contributing to our future Bakker readings. I mean, I buy Bakker books every chance I get, usually to replace the copies I consistently lend out. There's no more direct impact on his ability to write than a dedicated readership willing to spend our time (money) to have our minds blown by nurturing his ideas. That'll make a dent, at least ;).

It'd be neat to make a mind-map, Trisk. Anyone know of a place to make a mindmap project that we can all contribute to and edit without registering individually? Perhaps, the projects get passwords?
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