The Slog TTT - Final March: Chapters 1-3 [Spoilers]

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« Reply #15 on: March 01, 2016, 03:12:51 pm »
It also made me wonder about the Dreams and Seswatha's escape from the wall. The Cants of Calling collapse space into a point, but what of time? The more akka concentrates, the more he feels like he is actually there, in that place of the dreams. Maybe if one concentrates hard enough, or, say, adds another  layer to the Cant, you might physically exist in the past for a brief moment. Long enough to pull the stakes from the arms and legs of the grandmaster of the Sohonc and free him ... yup, timetravel saved Seswatha :P.

I still wonder if perhaps it was something like Akka did with the Wrathi doll to escape though.  No way it is an accident that Akka meets Nautzera in that Dream of all dreams.

It took thousand and thousands of years of working sorcery to have this small reaction (salting at  about 3 feet [or about 1.5 meters] from a chorae). Its doubtful that any human sorcerer would ever achieve this kind of expanded reaction to chorae.
However its still fascinating to me that there is an increase effect at all. Like somehow the bruise permeates far beyond your own body, if deep enough. The fringe edges of your existence, or your soul, actually gets larger with use of sorcery somehow.

I think in some place Akka remarks at how he can "feel" a Chorae being near.  I would guess that with such a deep Mark, the tiny undoing that is Akka's feeling is much more dramatic, leading to salting at a distance.
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