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The thing I look forward to most about Semantica is...

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not everyones' given up on resistance http://syntheticzero.net/2014/04/26/stimulations/

That was a really interesting read, james. Have you linked your blog here before?

That's not my blog - it belongs to an English Psychiatric Nurse. He reblogs ThreePoundBrain stuff occasionally.

Interesting. Sorry, assumptions on my part.

Ha I WISH I could write as well as that! Flattered you thought it was my blog.

There's definitely a lot of chatter about BBT building in some quarters, very exciting to see more bloggers talking about it.

I really hope we get to read Semantica one day, and I hope Scott isn't too discouraged by Disciple not selling as well as he expected. He's definitely making a name for himself in the theory world now, so there's a buzz building up he can capitalize on.

Bakker doing futuristic sci fi - sounds like the coolest thing imaginable!


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