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The thing I look forward to most about Semantica is...

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Encyclopaedia Ex Nihilo isn't a thread for this book. There are plenty of ideas that I suggest to Ex Nihilo that I wouldn't use in Semantica.

I feel like Semantica is going to be the world of Neuropath like 50 years after...

I honestly just can't decide if Bakker would write totalitarian world or totalitarian country...

Lol - Srancy, I fall victim myself but we have a standing consensus about crossover of spoilers between book forums. What's a Nonman :P?

Yes, this is something I hope too see someday soon. Hope he goes for totalitarian world though. This is something that will spread globally anyway, maybe with some areas with "wildlings". Like in Brave New World. There a Cnaiur like hero will rise up to crush the modern world. Alongside him you have an ascetic Bruce Lee type of monk. They will meet head to head with Ray Kurzweil in the final battle of humanness :P


He did mention a basic plot arc, he'd considered... something about starting from POV within "The Resistance" and then have the true futility of the situation made clear, through... mindbending Bakker 8).

Well, one that always struck me as obvious: enhanced reactions and augmented strength by increasing velocity of signal within the nervous system. But this seems to me a system-wide augmentation, not necessarily task specific, that all Tweakers get (who include the ruling class, definitely, they just aren't those who are being labelled and hunted as Tweakers).

Callan S.:
See: The Crazy from the Rifts RPG, with their metal Mind over Matter (MOM) implants protruding from their skulls.
Even crazier


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