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A Couple of Questions

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Gaby Moreno:
Any insight would be helpful, this series has so much provocative mystery in it.

1) Any guesses on how long the Skeos and Sarcellus skin-spies were in place?

2) I'm not sure what to make of this--Synthese speaking to Inrau "No different, I suppose, from what you were doing in the *Shriah's apartments*, hmmm?"  Did Inrau actually get into Maithanet's personal quarters?  What would that mean?

To answer the Sarcellus bit,

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--- Quote ---Sarcellus, Cutias (4072-99)—A Knight-Commander of the Shrial Knights, murdered and replaced by Consult skin-spies.
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4099, so about a decade before the start of the series.
(click to show/hide)I’m not sure about the rest, but on a side note, I find it very funny that in the beginning of TDTCB Xerius says that of all his advisers the only one that he really knew was Skeaös—the Skin Spy.

The Sharmat:
(click to show/hide)And yet Xerius doesn't truly trust him, in the end. And unmasks him.
Coincidence, or some weird hidden brilliance on Xerius' part?


--- Quote from: The Sharmat on March 23, 2015, 06:15:51 pm ---Coincidence, or some weird hidden brilliance on Xerius' part?

--- End quote ---

I think Xerius is a whole lot smarter than he appears at first glance.

He had his moments, like the way he foiled Conphas’s coup attempt.

(click to show/hide)He suspected Skeaös because he was exchanging glances with Kellhus (or maybe just because Kellhus was staring at him, can’t remember) when Kellhus gave his ‘speech’ that basically ruined his plan to use Conphas as Holy War general. It was kind of coincidental as Xerius thought Skeaös was conspiring with Kellhus somehow, which isn’t true, but on the other hand he did catch Kellhus’s glances at Skeaös and was right to question him based on that.


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