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Cynical Cat:
You'll want veteran soldiers/knights/elite units/warrior thanes in there or as a template.  This is a setting with a lot of hard dudes, not that being hard will always save you when death comes swirling down.

Found a gnostic spell list in the wiki - need to remember what they all do though!

The Bar of Heaven - big fluorescent light :P
The Bisecting Planes of Mirseor
The Cant of Sideways Stepping - meta-gnosis cant of calling?
The Cants of Torment (Agonies)
The Cirroi Loom
The Compass of Noshainrau
The Cross of Arches - a ward?
The Ellipses of Thosolankis
The First Qûyan Fold
The Huiritic Ring
The Ishra Discursia - cant of calling
The Mathesis Pin
The Ninth Merotic
The Noviratic Spike
The Odaini Concussion Cant
The Scythe of Gotagga
The Seventh Qûyan Theorem
The Surrillic Cant of Illumination
The Thawa Ligatures - one of the agonies?
The Third Concentric
The Weära Comb

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Anagogic spells:

The Dragonhead
The Houlari Twin-Tempests
The Iswazi Cant - an iswazi spell?
The Memkotic Furies
The Meppa Cataract (meppa? Cishaurim spell??)
The Portcullis - ward
The Ramparts of Ur - ward
The Uruborian Circle

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The only cishaurim spells in the wiki are the Scourge and the Lash. No Iswazi spells...

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There's a thread somewhere around here detailing spell lists I think.


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