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I don’t buy that it’s not sorcery and just a dream state/remembering either.

Simply using sorcery wouldn’t immediately make everyone see the light. Yes, further in the series everyone can see Gnostic War Cants but the glowing eyes and mouth can be hidden. They are in fact hidden by their cowls by sorcerers later in the series.

The thunderous voice that comes from everywhere seems to be associated with certain Cants. I doesn’t seem to happen with the Cants of Compulsion and Calling or the Agonies when used on Seswatha.

There’s no doubt it’s risky, and a bit of an inconsistency. But I don’t think there’s anything to suggest using sorcery immediately points it out to everyone nearby.

I think the face removal thing was originally going to be expanded upon more, but in the case of the Javreh Shield-Captain Geshrunni, I’m happy enough with the explanation that they removed his face to both be more brutal because they enjoy it, and to render indentifying th body more difficult if it’s found. I’m assuming a replacement skin-spy took his place.

For me, the real problem here lies in the unwillingness to stain Inrau with the Mark.


--- Quote from: Wolfdrop on January 07, 2018, 01:09:02 pm ---For me, the real problem here lies in the unwillingness to stain Inrau with the Mark.

--- End quote ---
That's really the line that creates the most problem. Certainly without that line, there's really no reason to assume that Akka did anything special or unusual here.  Probably a needless risk to do it in a crowded room, but not unfathomably so. No one ever claimed Akka was a good spy ;) .

I don't think anyone was claiming that the booming voice is intrinsic to all sorcery, but I agree that its certainly not. Akka even specifically does a cool little whisper-one-hit-kill Cant when he gets attacked in the Library. The light is obviously non-negotiable, but you'd expect him to be smart enough to put his hood up and look down at the floor when canting in public.


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