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--- Quote from: TheCulminatingApe on March 14, 2019, 09:15:02 pm ---Note he's hiding underground like a Nonman - where the God's can't see him?

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I think we've assumed that before but Mallahet does appear in Momemn to meet with Xerius.


--- Quote from: TheCulminatingApe on March 13, 2019, 09:24:35 pm ---"I have not my eyes with me," Moenghus said, and Kellhus understood instantly that he referred to the asps used by his Cishaurim brethren.  "I walk these halls by memory".

--- End quote ---

Moenghus seems to be going out of his way to remove sight as a factor in whatever transpires with Kellhus.  Not only is he himself physically blind, but he has left his surrogate 'eyes' elsewhere.  The meeting between father and son takes place in a very dimly lit underground room, and Moenghus spends a lot of the time obscured by running water (which may also be obscuring his voice).  The implication would be that Kellhus is unable to see (and hear) with the clarity he normally would, and therefore is unable to read Moenghus in the same way he would read others. 
Moenghus is up to some sort of deception, or wants to keep Kellhus in check?


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