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Gall, Wilshire.

(click to show/hide)TTBD is the first and only book published by Professor Thomas Bible :P.

Bible, yeah thats the name :). Just thought I'd be irritating and point out another reference to the book, even though it was fictitious.

Lol - you know I don't find this irritating :P.

(click to show/hide)I think it's kind of terrifying... it happened to be Bible's first and only, but more importantly, it was his last :-\.
I don't want Bakker to not publish something again, should life mirrors fiction.

Callan S.:
(click to show/hide)There's no indication it was his last?

(click to show/hide)In NP it's mentioned that it's Bible's only book - don't have my books on me for an exact quote but I can find it later.


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