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Callan S.:
I should explain that the map has the character in the top right corner of the main map - that's why there is so much black around it (placeholder graphic for the end of the scalper world, for now...)

--- Quote from: sciborg2 on November 28, 2013, 03:56:49 pm ---Callan, was there supposed to be a link in that post?

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No, I don't have anything online for it at the moment - I've done very little in the way of getting it secure and it's not even a game right now, just map navigation code. I'm actually working on the code for making a new character when you die.

I'm actually going to have two modes to choose from: Perma death (default) and 'Conspired' - the latter is the traditional model that your character can't die, but here you gain XP at 1/10th the rate - and if brought to zero HP, you still have to play as a sranc until that sranc is defeated in the right way (at which point your character, having shaken off his terrible pursuers, returns to play)

Need to pop in a way of making a new name for a character, after having been killed and finished playing as a sranc.

Also, if the tradition is to put surnames ahead of firstnames, what are firstnames called when they aren't actually first?

Callan S.:
Just a fun attachment. In the order of posting to this thread. Don't worry, Srancy - you're there...just in a certain form! Currently the user names are still 1, 2, 3, etc, to keep it simple, so the nicknames are just numbers.

I'm currently working on the results recording - showing who attacked you (if anyone) since your last log in. Since you don't want to log in to a dead character and have absolutely no idea why you are dead! But it takes some fiddling to record all the little hits and stuff, as well as compile them into a neat one line where possible. I've actually written it, but don't have the heart to test run it right now - I'll set that as a task for latter!

The table border will be turned off in latter code. It's there so I can see what I'm doing more easily.


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