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What's your favorite kind of pie?

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Mine is blueberry - love blueberry pie! Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, Apple and Key Lime follow. It's always a good time for pie ( bonus points for movie reference! ). If enough response to this thread, I'll create a poll to determine THE pie of the 2nd Apocalypse.

WARNING: the following tag includes mad spoiler content for TUC ... figured I would get bounced from this forum if I posted in the TUC sub-forum.

(click to show/hide)The PON story's most disturbing feature: no reference whatsoever to pie! I call bullshit on Bakker for that "omission" ... more like he doesn't have the stack or intellectual acuity to tackle pie with the story. If I had to guess ... TNG's favorite pie would be chocolate mousse. Maybe Bakker can give us a nod by incorporating the winning pie into TNG.

Ensaïmada. It's stuffed with different ingredients at baker's gusto. Not exactly a pie though.


It counts ... "pie" in the abstract, what is "pie" to you - so your contribution/insight is valid. You from or currently live in Spain? My father's parents were born in Spain in an area/people called the Gallegos. He didn't teach his sons Spanish which is unfortunate, I could've been bi-lingual. He spoke beautiful ( or so I'm told ) Castilian Spanish.

I live in Mallorca (in the Balearic islands in the Mediterranean - as you can imagine I don't usually speak english, so this explain the funny expressions I use in the forum, lol).
Galicia it's on the other side of the country, and it is a nice place, with beautiful landscapes and incredible food (seafood, specially) and wines (mostly the famed albariño white wine).
I have lots of friends from there, and they usually speak both spanish (castellano) and galego (their own language), as we majorcan speak spanish and our mother tongue català (in our own balearic dialects).

From Galicia, the desserts I prefer are the filloas (some kind of crêpes) and tarta de Santiago (Santiago's cake or St. James' cake).

And gallegos you can find all around the world. Hahaha. I have never travelled to any country where I didn't find some.

Steak Pie.


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