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Well ....

It turns out that I was, sadly, too old for the grind of performing in a bar band. It is truly a young man's game. Also, while some of the gigs were fun, the sad truth was that the music-making didn't click at all for me. I was the square peg getting pounded into someone else's round hole. "Don't play so loud, do this differently ... " I think I lasted about one calendar year, from Aug. 2018 to Aug. 2019. Fortunately, the parting of ways was very amicable, which with me is usually not the case. Perhaps in future posts I may draft my memoirs as a third-rate (at least from a professional perspective) musician. Looking back, there are some great stories.

Stay tuned!

Sorry to hear that the band life didn't work out for you.  The collaborative process is tough too.  Good luck with your next step though!


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