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Bakker's Ebay account


Bakker the Younger (R Scott Bakker's younger brother, Bryan) has an ebay account, Bakker3747.

As of this posting, the blurb says:
I plan to sell a variety of original items here over the coming years. Some on behalf of my brother and others for my own business. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!

The account was opened in 2006 but had not ever listed anything for sale until today, May 15th, 2019.

Canvas Print of "Battle of Shimeh". 16''x36''
Description (from ebay):

--- Quote ---Based on the landmark series of dark fantasy books by author R. Scott Bakker entitled, The Second Apocalypse (www.secondapocalypse.ca), this 'one in five' series is an absolute must for fans of the books and dark fantasy lovers alike. Dreamt into reality by Jason Deem, official artist for the series, each high quality canvas print (poly-cotton blend matte canvas, long-lasting epson archival inks, hand-stretched wrap over 1½” deep wood stretcher bars) depicts the "Battle of Shimeh" - the climatic final battle in book three of the opening trilogy. There will only ever be five of these prints in existence - one of them could be yours.
--- End quote ---

Opening bid is ~$1000 USD + $225 shipping.

FWIW, poly-cotten blend matte canvas is probably really nice from what I know of printing and paper. 1.5'' stretcher bars are typical.

Francis Buck:
Someone should make some Sranc meat candy, and Chorae key chains, and also Pez dispensers of the main cast. The merchandising possibilities are endless!

Dora Vee:
Noo...it's so expensive. :(

I'd buy a Chorae on a chain.


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