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If you like, comment how you think the conversation would go, kind of food you would order, etc. I picked Inrilatas as I felt he was one of the more under-utilized characters in the story. I was surprised by his limited role and felt he had so much more to say/contribute.

I picked Serwa because I feel like she could answer a lot of metaphysical questions, as well as give us insight into both Dunyain and ordinary human consciousness.

Also very curious about varied questions related to sorcery.

Theliopa would be my choice for an Earwan lunch date.

1. She probably wouldn't eat much.
2. Lots of conversation would arise over her fashion choice for the date.
3. I'm pretty sure that I would survive the date.

Who voted for Shae?

I'm not sure i would like to lunch with any of them, mimara probably.

None of the Dunyain they would try and control you as they must. A huge rape alien, an insane nonman , or a soul swapping mage.


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