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Watchmen [TV series] [Open Spoilers]


So, there was a request for a thread to discuss the show.  We'll be having open spoilers here, so if you haven't seen it, this is your last chance to click away.

So, we are on the second to last episode and I don't think we are going to get the sort of closure most people will be looking for.  I think the show is going to end with the new "paradigm" being akin to the post-psychic squid one, where something big happened, but as to what happens after is left wide open.

Don't know how I missed this new thread, H - sorry! I posted my thoughts in the tv thread and I'll now expand a bit here.

Well, I liked the show and liked the ending. The director says he won't do another season ( bp ), "I've said all I wanted to say about the Watchmen". I guess that means he didn't like that Rorschach died in the 80's and Adrian got away with the crime. That's fine, I liked his interpretation on what the future was like, his treatment of Dr. Manhattan - all of the characters were very good, really. I needed this show as so many movies over the past 5 years sucked, nothing stellar for a long time now ( maybe I've missed a gem here and there, feel free to fill me in on any ). I had fun watching it and intend on watching it again sometime. The director succeeded in keeping with the trippy offbeat comic booky style that Moore pitched with the comics, the pairing of popular culture and extreme violence, pretty cool. This show deserves more seasons imho.

Watched the first episode.

Good stuff ->  I'm sure I'll finish this, just not in the right mood for it.


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