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How would you end it

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Putting this in General as I don't think we have a fan fiction section ( I know, FF is crap, but since we have so much time on our hands waiting for the next installment, FIT! ). How would you end the series? Feel free to include as much detail as you like, total free form question here.

Earwa seems to repeat histories, in part and in full. I think an interesting ending would be to tell the story of The Sagas starting from the point where the initial Ordeal fails and Seswatha flees back to the Three Seas.

This does half the job of finishing the series, and could be used to focus/reorient the reader to what was important in PON/TAE that was missed by readers. It also carries less emotional baggage than finishing the series, while still continuing to expand on the worldbuilding of TSA.

Though that is maybe answering a slightly different question, moreso How Should The Story Continue, rather than "end". It seems full Bakker to skip Return of the King entirely and jump right into Silmarillion.

And maybe it would help with what I am guessing is writers block, given years of radio silence regarding progress on TNG. We've already got the highlights of The Sagas, "just" fill in the blanks ;) . Experiment with some long form epic poetry too, just for the fun (and I imagine the nonman of old loved to have philosophy battles of the mind, so room to throw some of that in).

The Outside is shorn from the Inside as far as souls are concerned, but the ability to comprehend paradox remains due to a shift in the relationship between the two.

So the characters all think they've saved humanity from the Hundred, while their souls are actually being eternally tortured. Why the Inverse Fire was always correct, and no one could actually be saved.


--- Quote from: Wilshire on November 30, 2020, 05:36:06 pm ---... and could be used to focus/reorient the reader to what was important in PON/TAE that was missed by readers.

--- End quote ---

What do you think was important that we missed?

I'm going to come back to this once I am done with The Phenomenology of Spirit but certainly I'd have Mimara look at the sarcophagus and answer the No-God's questions.


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