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Why did Moenghus leave Ishual

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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: harrol ---I do not believe we really know why. Kellhus feeds Cnaiur a very believable story about a roaming Sranc band that stumbles across the citadel. Supposedly the band was quickly killed and Moe was sent out to recon and discover if Ishual secret was safe. Upon return he is sent into exile due to being tainted. This is a very believable story until one considers that Kellhus did not even know what a sranc track looked like so he had to ask Leweth. Additionally after fighting the sranc band, prior to meeting the non-man he questions, what manner of creatures are these? Then when he is about to engage the nonman in a fight he thinks, Another one of Leweth's myths come true. All this leads me to believe that the story Kel told Cnaiur is a fabrication and that we still don't know the real reason Moe was sent out.
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Callan S. ---I could believe they simply don't 'chat' amongst their own - those who deal with sranc just don't communicate about it with neophytes. Kellhus has simply figured what the occasional outer wall event was. But yeah, it would be interesting if it was a fabrication and if so, why? What was Moenghus doing - unless he just figured something out whilst inside the walls one day, and left (maybe found some rune left in the walls that hadn't been chisled out, or some evidence of the magic coverup conspiracy).

What I find odd is the 'exile'. Oh, like hell! I mean when Moenghus touches Dunyain in dreams, they all go off to kill themselves. These guys wouldn't just let someone go - they'd kill Moenghus, not exile him! Unless exile is just a convenient term for 'he escaped'.
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--- Quote from: lockesnow ---Interesting thought.  the arduous path up a glacier explains why Sranc never came a calling other than the band that stumbled upon them... supposedly.  But it's hard to imagine Sranc bothering.

The damn map case was open, perhaps a nonman, inchoroi, or human found it and a band of the above (rather than a band of Sranc) found Ishual? 

I think I'll just take the textual reason for now, but it's a question I hadn't considered before, but one that seems 'flagged' by the auhtor, when I look at it now.
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Callan S. ---I wonder if the order actually sent Moenghus out - some sort of test run? That went wrong?
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Curethan ---This is a speculation that I have raised before.
There are other points that I feel may be relevant.

Did the dunyain refugees discover Ishual by blind luck?  Where else would they have been headed in the ruined north under shadow of Golgotteroth?
It's possible that the unnamed old man who led them knew Seswatha, perhaps it even was Seswatha.
More likely than them finding the map at Sauglish and then just leaving it there.  (Although  Kellhus could have recently planted it there for Akka, I guess.)

When the Dunyain discover the last scion of the Anasurimbor, it is described as a fortuitous correspondence of cause.  What is the correspondence between the objectives of the Consult's greatest latter-day opponents and the dunyain's quest for the transcendent self moving soul? 
It doesn't seem like an appropriate way to exclaim that they found some excellent genetic stock anyway.

And then Moeghus leaves Ishual and enters the three seas in accordance with an ancient prophecy that only Seswatha and his gnostic heirs have perpetuated for reasons that seem extremely untenable.  Divine or engineered coincidence?

So many apparent coincidences suggest that its either all a part of some ancient plan of the dunyain founders that Kellhus is ignorant of, or the Whore or the solitary god manipulating fate on a massive scale.

If we take the interpretation of the white luck as a manipulation of causality, could we interpret the dunyain quest as one to obtain mastery of the power of the gods?  Could the no-god itself be important to the dunyain objectives?
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