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Introduce Yourself / Breach of jnan
« on: August 08, 2016, 02:31:35 am »
I didn't see this intro forum, and like a savage I just started right in posting and measuring tongues or whatever it is we're doing around here.

I did mention in another thread that I got here by way of the podcast, which I found by way of the Facebook page, which I found by way of the Grimdark FB page, which I found by way of the Grimdark Magazine... Which I found because I heard about Scott's "The Knife of Many Hands" story. So I guess it all comes back around.

I recall where but not when I discovered TDTCB: it was a Border's bookstore outside Pittsburgh. I and some of my fellow teacher friends had gotten away from kids and campus to spend a quiet afternoon. I happened to pick up TDTCB and after sitting there reading the prologue, I was totally hooked. Had to buy it and read it. It had to be sometime between 2004-2006, I guess.

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