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Author Q&A / [TGO SPOILERS] Political upheaval in the New Empire
« on: June 23, 2016, 06:50:55 am »
I just want to pick your brain on a weird dissonance for me, Scott, about the evolution of the political state of the New Empire from WLW to TGO.  At the beginning of WLW the Imperium is facing a litany of issues: Mass riots in Carythusal and Aoknyssus, Apparati assassinated in key positions, Scylvendi raiding the Gap in large numbers, Famiri tribes massacring their own countrymen who converted to Zaudunyanism and attacking Conriyan estates,Fanim Insurrectionist independent of Fanayal rioting and fomenting rebellion in the old Fanim provinces.  After Esmi is captured by the Shrial Knights during her hiding and then has her discourse with Maithanet, I was under the impression from Maithanet's descriptions that things were getting worse, that the political state of the New Empire was degrading even further.  With all of Maithanet's energy directed to maintaining control in Momemn for the three weeks or-so he was Imperial Custodian it sounded like he couldn't delegate authority effectively.  Then he dies and Fanayal arrives.

In TGO however, all of these external problems are almost yadda yadda'd away? There is a throwaway line about how Esmenet's conviction in resisting Fanayal was galvanizing the rest of the Empire to support her.  But wouldn't those who are ardent opponents of the Anasurimbor not really give a shit?  They would just smell the blood in the water and become even more ferocious.  It seems like something is missing.  I don't want to overstep and say it's a continuity error, but I want to ask: are other political/military operations going on in the background of the Three Seas? There just has to be much more going on.

Author Q&A / Patridomoi
« on: June 22, 2016, 05:09:07 am »
This is a super minor issue that has bothered me.  In WLW, Biaxi Tarpellas is referred to as the Patridomos of House Biaxi serving in the Great Ordeal.  Concurrently, Biaxi Sankas is referred to as a Patridomos of House Biaxi while he is in Momemn.  Is a Patridomos of a Nansur caste-noble family a heritable rank as a singular patriarch "head of the family" or can you have multiple Patridomoi in a family?  Or is this a continuity error?  This is a pretty softball worldbuilding question, no big tent metaphysical conundrums.

General Earwa / Comparable Earth Races in Earwa
« on: February 06, 2014, 05:31:15 am »
Hello forum goers! Just got into the series this past summer.  Couldn't really find an outlet to discuss it online.  But I found this site by happenstance and am very much enjoying the atmosphere and community.  My topic comes from a question that arose when I was poking around the Hypothetical casting for a Second Apocalypse film series and was intrigued that many of the Ketyai characters were opined to be played by white caucasians.  Not to start out my career here with a flame war about race representation, but in my mind all the Ketyai characters are some spectrum of Turko-Semitic/Arabic/Persian or East Indian.  Even though the clear historical dichotomy of the European crusaders vs. the Saracens also has a clear racial dichotomy that many readers have lached onto in the textual analysis of the characters.
I guess I was just curious how the rest of you imagine the nations and characters of Earwa's racial composition.  I'd love to here what the rest of you think. If there are textually denotations of race that you wish to present please cite them for my benefit.  I actually don't own any of these books at the moment lol.

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