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The Unholy Consult / The Collected Works of Emilidis
« on: August 04, 2017, 04:36:58 am »
I thought that it might be fun to get a list of all mentions of the works of Emilidis in one place.  The appendix entry does not contain a list.  I know that several are mentioned though I think that it may be many more than I'm remembering. 

I'll mention a few to start, and I hope it goes without saying that none of you would blaspheme the Artisan.

The Diurnal or Day Lantern from the False Sun

The collar that Harapior throws on Serwa

The sword, I know it's named but can't recall it, that Serwa takes after Mishoa gets eaten by Skuthula.


ETA:  And of course the Cauldron.

What else?

The Unholy Consult / So Kellhus "went mad?"
« on: August 04, 2017, 04:15:25 am »
So are we now to take the "What has come before..." sections that say that Kellhus "went mad" quite literally?  That the creeping presence/voice of Ajokli made Kellhus a little less sane from the moment it found him and got worse the closer he got to the Ark?  Many had wondered how to interpret that statement.  Perhaps it had been "mad" from Moenghus' perspective, but now it seems more straight-forward?

TGO ARC Discussion / [TGO SPOILERS] TGO Suicides
« on: June 26, 2016, 03:44:13 am »
 So I feel like there were at least two prominent, meaningful suicides in this book, but I'm not sure that I fully understand either, and I hope to get y'all's thoughts.

The two I'm thinking of are Oinaral Lastborn's in Ishterebinth, aka The Weeping Mountain, and down past the Ingressus in the Holy Deep.

The other is A. Koringhus.

The first seems clearer to me in one sense though I am not certain from my reading that it was a certain suicide.  Perhaps more of a gambit where he knew it could end in death.  Oinaral takes Sorweel with him to meet his father, Oirunas, a huge-ass Nonman.  It seems to me that Oinaral is set on seeing The Vile destroyed, and he thinks his father is key to this.  He knows or suspects that his father is too Erratic to be safe to approach and knows he may not survive the trip to the Holy Deep.  So he needs Sorweel, and he implores him to remember to remind his father Oirunas that the Vile now rule in Ishterebinth.  Once they get down there Oirunas backhands the shit out of Oinaral presumably killing him right there, realizes what he's done and laments (but as Erratic probably also gets a nice dose of awareness for a short time).  Sorweel upholds his end of the bargain and makes sure to exclaim that the Vile rule in Ishterebinth.  This leads Oirunas, Hero of the Watch, to go fuck some shit up in the throne room.

I think it's pretty clear that Oinaral knew or could parse out that he may not survive thus needing Sorweel to ensure the dread message delivered.  But was it even more than that and he knew that he needed to die in order to give his father the jolt of killing a loved one that could give an Erratic some brief clarity?  That is my biggest question about this one.  Either way, what a badass mission and, in my estimation, and incredible piece of writing by Bakker.  RIP Oinaral Lastborn.  Oh, and to make it all the more amazing, Oinaral teazed to Sorweel on the way down that Nonmen do not commit suicide (when the droppers were falling).  Perhaps, unless it is one of the Intact looking to strike the ultimate blow against the Vile. 

Koringhus, however, I am way less clear on.  His chapter leading up to his leap was fascinating but confusing to me and certainly warranting rereads in the future for better understanding.  I get that he was pondering the big questions.  The nature of the Absolute and Zero and all of that.  And then he was given Qirri.  But that's about all I get.  Are we to think that it was the Qirri that did it?  If so, why?  Or was there some subtle conclusion he'd met in his internal monologue that I missed that made it clear why he had to snuff it and Akka was just mistakenly blaming in on the Qirri?


ETA: I apologize in advance for this post not being very articulate. 

The White-Luck Warrior / Meppa is X (II)
« on: April 20, 2014, 12:00:19 am »
Nonmen do not have hair.  Meppa does.

EDIT [Madness]: Changed thread title.

The White-Luck Warrior / What is the No God? (II)
« on: December 30, 2013, 05:35:01 am »
So the Mek encounter in the prologue came up at the other site, and someone quoted the "I have fought both for and against the No-God" line. 

I just posted this:

"So we know that this is Mek via author's non-canonical revelation, but we would have been able to safely assume he was Consult on the "for the No-God."

One of the more common theories about the No-God is that it's somehow Nau-Cayuti or was him.  Mek would have fought against Him when Nau-Cayuti was also fighting the wars that "authored this wilderness" but as part of the Ancient North's war against the Consult.  So he didn't mean that he, Mek, changed sides.  He was all Consult once he helped found it.  But he did fight against the No-God back when NG was NC.  So it may not be an author's mistake at all but rather a hint hidden in the prologue of the first book about who the No-God was.  And if you think of the possibility that the "for and against" bit was about someone else being on either side rather than starts to be seen in a different light, neh?"

EDIT [Madness]: Changed thread title.

General Earwa / Investigating Achamian's Dreams
« on: December 07, 2013, 04:10:53 pm »
I have an idea for a thread that I think could be quite worthwhile, but I wanted to throw it out there to the board for some feedback on how to best approach it.  I'm also not entirely sure what location would be best, so please move this to the WLW section if appropriate.

In the excerpt from the next book we get a pretty strong hint that the timing of Achamian's dreams is significant, and I think we ought to do a mini-project to chronicle the timing of each dream together.  I don't think that there are too many...maybe 2-3 per book?  But it would be fun to have, perhaps in chronological order, a place where we at the very least list the gist of each dream's contents as well as where Achamian is in the story and who he's with when each dream takes place. 

Sound good? 

That said, do some of you have ebooks that make copying and pasting easier?  I have hard copies of each book, but I don't have an easy copy and past option.  But at any rate, I think it might be fun and hopefully even revealing to look at all of the dreams to together, ponder the timing, and then perhaps formulate some new theories together on what the Hell is happening.


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