Free Introductory Text to Western Philosophy

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The Originals: Classic Readings in Western Philosophy


Table of Contents

Introduction for Instructors



How to Do Philosophy

The Value of Philosophy

    Plato - On Defending Philosophy

    Bertrand Russell – On the Value of Philosophy


    Rene Descartes – On Doubt and Certainty

    John Locke – On the Foundation of Knowledge

    George Berkeley – On Materialism and Idealism

    David Hume – On Empiricism

    Immanuel Kant – On the Sources of Knowledge

    William James - On Pragmatism

    Bertrand Russell – On Truth and Falsehood


    Plato – On the Allegory of the Cave

    Plato – On Forms

    Aristotle – On Categories

    Aristotle - On Language and the Way Truth Works

    Gottfried Wilhelm Liebniz – On Substances

    David Hume – On Liberty and Necessity

Philosophy of Religion

    St. Anselm – On the Ontological Proof of God's Existence

    St. Thomas Aquinas – On the Five Ways to Prove God's Existence

    Blaise Pascal – On the Wager for God's Existence

    David Hume– On the Irrationality of Believing in Miracles

    Søren Kierkegaard – On Encountering Faith

    William James – On the Will to Believe

    William Paley – On The Teleological Argument

Ethics and Morality

    Plato – On Justice

    Aristotle - On Virtue

    David Hume – On the Foundations of Morals

    Immanuel Kant – On Moral Principles

    Jeremy Bentham - On the Principle of Utility

    John Stuart Mill – On Utilitarianism

Socio-Political Philosophy

    Bertrand Russell – On Anti-Suffragist Arguments

    Karl Marx & Frederick Engels – On Communism

    Mary Wollstonecraft – On the Rights of Women

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau - On Inequality

    John Locke – On Property and the Formation of Societies

    Thomas Hobbes – On The Social Contract

    John Stuart Mill – On The Equality of Women

Art and Aesthetics

    David Hume – On Opinion and Taste

    Immanuel Kant – On the Aesthetic Taste

    Aristotle – On Tragedy

    Plato – On the Value of Art and Imitation

    Edmund Burke – On the Sublime

About the Editor

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Thanks, Madness!
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