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The Great Ordeal / (TGO Spoilers) Cunuroi & Height
« on: July 27, 2016, 02:51:39 pm »
Are there any, if approximate, ideas about propotiong between common & tall cunuroi?
It seems common are about 1.8m-2.2m (plus all of the same height) and tall are minimum 3.

The Great Ordeal / [TGO Spoilers] Kelmomas Skills
« on: July 14, 2016, 02:09:09 am »
I was kinda confused about little Kel and his ability to mess with WLW powers; had to made a soothing theory.

1) We knows gods are blind to certain things: No-God existence, Consult plans etc. There is guess that Tekne makes borders of gods' blindspot and, more specifically, it's distinctive product -- intelligence, which lacks "proper" concience or "enough" complexity. Correct me if I wrong here, please.
2) Kelmomas mother had a very close contact with Tekne, I mean than identity theft of Kellhus by Aurang.
3) Being of Kellhus children, Kel is a broken dunyain thing, which by itself has a certain taste of near-Tekne experience.
4) His POVs are all about personality problems, about rule "one head, one voice" being constantly violated.

So at least I reckon Kelmomas is somehow hidden from Gods eyesight thanks to a combination of few factors listed above. At most -- his metaphysical position is symmetricaly opposed to WLW. Either way, boy can fuck up other's plans, especially if they are godly.

PS That can be a possible answer to a question why Kellhus didn't drowned him in the first place.
PPS Dunno now, if Ajokli is an actual trickster god or it's a placeholder name for a sum of gods' debility manifested in the world.
PPPS What have I done. -.-

General Earwa / Dunyain as possible runaway weapon race.
« on: July 20, 2014, 09:26:14 pm »
"Many think them the descendants of the ecstatic sects that arose across the Ancient North in the days preceding the Apocalypse".

Keeping in mind strange issues with dunyain genetics (no signs of inbreeding after 2000 years in total isolation, real difficulties in mating with humans), always saw them as apocalyptic mix:

1. First element is real dunyain refugees (from Sauglish?). 100% humans, members of a tiny cult, few in numbers & prone to domination, future base for a social peculiarities of a dunyain.
2. Second element is a Consult project gone rogue, numerous & docile, future base for a biological peculiarities of a dunyain. They look like humans and think of themselves that way, but Inchies and/or Mangaecca played with their genes with tekne.

It sounds both unholy & consulty to me — if immortal person capture mortal humans for some sinister purposes, why don't make them also impossible to inbreed and just spawn-spawn-spawn them carelessly in kennels, creating a steady and vast local supply? Lab rats, rapey-slaves, 144k stuff etc., lots of consulty uses.

But then we have Seswatha sneaking both in and out of the Arc. A kind of security breach, a possible situation for a large crowd of people (who can take flying arrows with their hands, lol) to simply walk out of Golgotterath and head in all eight directions. Some of them who walked south-east winned the prize, stumbling upon cunning runaway monks.

So, here's the irony, Consult's undoing will eventually come out of their own "lab rats", who survived for 2000 years right under Consult's nose.

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