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The Warrior-Prophet / Re: Cnaiur and Fate, After Anwurat
« on: April 24, 2013, 12:11:03 am »
It's not an inclination towards whores, Wilshire.  Agnake is refered to as the whore because you don't get anything for free...  the implication is that for each turn of good fortune you get a corresponding kick in the balls.  Akka constantly refers to this.  Prime example, every instance of luck that gets him to Ishual has corresponding horrific turns of bad luck - ultimately he gets there but its completely ruined.
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PoN is far more circumspect in attributing any real agency to the gods - there are only mild hints - like this instance with Cnauir,  Inrau's possible intervention etc.  That doesn't mean it isn't happening.

Re; Gilgaol.  Remember the gods experience time differently.  Preserving Cnaiur at that point may be important for some later objective that is important to Gilgoal.  Perhaps ensuring certain important characters fall in battle due to Cnaiur's latter presence/influence, or something else - who knows what the gods want?  It's only speculation. 
But I do agree with locke that that scene is positively dripping with portentiousness.

Agree there Wilshire.  Talking about the uber-god in this context. 
Although I lean towards omniscience over omnipotence. 
Indications so far are the the God does nothing but sees all.

Again (off topic), I raise the point that Ciphrang have been described as having angelic manifestations as well as demonic.  The term 'hunger' as Bakker uses it, arises from desribing base motivational desires that inform action but are disconnected from cold reason.  I think there is an interpretive tendency for us readers to give this entirely negative connotations.  As you put it; 'power-hungry'.
But what about the 'hunger' for essentials?  Shelter, love, community etc. 

Consider Yatwer's portfolio; birth, fertility and altruistic giving.  All concepts relating to primitive community.  These are the things that she prizes, the things she hungers for.

The Warrior-Prophet / Re: Cnaiur and Fate, After Anwurat
« on: April 23, 2013, 12:21:22 am »
Tend to agree that outside agencies might active here.  Crack-pot speculations to follow...

With Cnaiur I suspect Gilgaol or Lokung are the entities that would have an interest in him and manipulating events through him.
Gilgaol would be inclined to reward Cnaiur's personification of warlike attributes by leveraging events to allow him to wreak greater carnage (i.e. not die at that juncture) - and remember War and Birth alone may seize (so Cnaiur need not be an adherent to recieve the god's 'blessing').

Lokung as an outside entity I could see as a key to the creation of the No-god.  Explaining why the Scylvendi are important to the consult and their culture remains locked in a ossified and unevolving state.  Their existence and continued worship of their dead divity might be important to the no-gods resurrection and the manner in which Kellhus communes with him.  Considering Cnaiur's importance in revealing certain things to the consult after surviving the events in question, Lokung might have motivation in manipulating said events to ensure his reincarnation as the no-god. 

Disinclined to agree about Fate being the mover.  She seems depicted as the kind of entity that goes for ironic lols at the expense of her pawns.

Depends whether the God is immanent in any way other than 'impartial' judgement. 
For me, Serwe represents innocence, therefore her 'judgement' is unclouded by mundane (i.e. subjective) truths.
On the question of Kellhus being able to fool the divine, remember; "You are the one soul I need not teach."
I don't remember Khellus ever decieving Serwe. 
She says something about his assumed divinity and Kellhus responds by telling her its a sham ("I am just the promise").
Even on the subject of Cnaiur, he just tells her she has to put up with the barbarian because Khellus needs him.
She tells Kellhus her baby is his and he's all like "nuh-uh" and she accuses Kellhus of trying to hurt her.  He responds by accepting it as the truth...

On topic, imo the horns are just the call to wake the encampments and get the army moving and Serwe likes to sleep.

Very worthy, Sci. 
Sorry I can't help - me being a dirty furiner.

General Misc. / Re: Manga/Anime
« on: April 20, 2013, 12:38:35 am »
Currently reading Naruto and Claymore as they are released.  Don't really follow the anime of Naruto because the filler destroys my enjoyment and the animation swings from awesome to awful far too often.
Have read some Gamblefish and Highschool of the Dead.  Berzerk was great but I only watched the first series - intend to catch up with the Manga at some point in the future.
Fucking loved Evangelion, but waitning for the current rework of the movies to be complete before I watch them.
Watched all the Robotech and Astroboy as a kid.
Watched many of the more popular otaku movies - Akira, Gost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll etc etc
I really enjoy asian story telling in movies and comics because it escapes many of the predictable western tropes that I was bored to death with by the time I was 14.

News/Announcements / Re: Welcome to the Second Apocalypse
« on: April 19, 2013, 01:21:40 pm »
Thankyou Madness, for your administrative efforts.
I have arranged some improvements for your afterlife. 

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