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I honestly I subvocally yell Semantica in my head once a day as I think of random stuff that will probably come up in this book all the time. Today it's about different kinds of addicts and nootropic burnouts. I can't wait for Bakker to write another non-Earwa book (especially as TUC is in the home stretch) and I really hope it is Semantica (though, I would tolerate the next Disciple... or one of the other one-offs Bakker is playing close to the chest).

Ingroups (churches, musicians, etc - pretty much anything with an audience) will start to take nootropics to synchronize their experiences of whatever; faith, music, etc....

The Government Squads who hunt Tweakers...

Non men mating rituals

Callan S.:
Didn't we have a thread of ideas for this book? Should link that!


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