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Is there a Psûkhic equivalent to the Cant of Transposition?


Eleäzaras’s recollection of the Cishaurim attack on the Scarlet Spires describes the assassins as having "flickered into existence". Some people have speculated that this is a teleportation similar to the Metagnostic version, or that Moënghus transported the Cishaurim assassins into the Scarlet Spires base magically.

So is there a Psûkhe equivalent to Metagnostic teleportation?

If not, did Moënghus innovate anything with the Psûkhe the way Kellhus did with the Gnosis?

I actually wrote out a more extended version of the Cishaurim attack way back when. They actually penetrated Kiz, evaded all the Wards. From the perspective of the Scarlet Schoolmen, it simply seemed as if they came out of nowhere.

So it's not theoretically possible to teleport yourself with the Psukhe as it's only a crude tool as Akka says?

Missed this post from before. More evidence that people should let the meta-moenghus theories die.


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