Saw a bit of a 'hording' program and an ultra rationaliser

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« on: April 24, 2013, 06:17:33 pm »
Quote from: Callan S.
My god, the guy was so mad for being so calm. His house had become a rabbit warren due to all the newspapers he'd horded. And he'd talk about it, how they might fall over, like it was the weather - like it was something he had no hand in.

There was this scene where a rather gung ho gardener who had befriended the horder was there with a psychologist at a kitchen sink, with the shrink asking is any of this rubbish? With bits of - I dunno what - papery yuck nearby. And the horder says well, there's detritus of course, at which point the gung ho gardener starts noisily shaking open a garbage bag and says we can thow these bits of grotty paper stuff away and....the horder just pauses, then says actually they are still usefull...a can use them to wipe the worst of the dirt off the plates and...

The shrink tells the gardener that the horder just doesn't see any rubbish in front of him at all.

And this is a striking bit, the horder hears this and goes 'Well, umm, sort of, a bit'. The rationalisation machine his voice was, that which usually made excuse after excuse was suddenly not refuted could see it having trouble facing all the excuse making it did as a concept supported by someone else.

And they never seem to go back to what started it - I'd be curious as to when he started collecting papers. The exact date and what happned around then.

And as my partner said, Andy Warhol had a warehouse full of crap - with a bit of money you can hide your madness much more effectively.

But my god, was his voice just not attached to any sort of control - it really was just a thing to make excuses to other people, ceasing to have anything to do with what he was doing in life. And he was just so damn calm...